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Original Recording: 1981
Produced by: ???

01 My Love Goes With You (4:07) Vincent / Adam Mitchell
02 Back On The Streets (4:11) Vincent / Richard Friedman
03 Tears (3:27) Vincent / Adam Mitchell
04 Rock City (0:00) Vincent
05 Rock Island Line (0:00) Vincent
06 More Than Friends (4:03) Vincent / Adam Mitchell
07 Gypsy In Her Eyes (3:26) Vincent
08 Maybe It's The Rain (4:42) Vincent
09 Never Too Hot To Rock (0:00) Vincent

musicians : 
Vinnie Cusano (lead vocals, guitars, synthesizer, keyboards, piano)
Adam Mitchell (backing vocals on track 06)


Track 01 : Demoed in 1981, copyright of the song would be obtained March 1982.
Vinnie Vincent would resubmit a recording of the song for copyright February 1985 from material created in 1983. At the moment no early recordings of these versions (with probably Vinnie Vincent vocals) circulate in the trading circuit. 
Vinnie Vincent did re-recorded the song with Jeff Scott Soto in 1987.

Track 02 : also known as "Back On The Streets - keyboard version".
The song is recorded by the band 3 SPEED in 1984 for the "Voyage Of The Rock Aliens" soundtrack album. The same year Frehley's Comet demoed "Back On The Streets".

Track 03 : "Tears" would be given to Peter Criss to record on his album "Let Me Rock You".
John Waite would also pick up the song to record from Warner Brothers publishing for his 1984 album "No Brakes". 

Track 04 - 05 : Nothing is currently known about this tracks.
They were both published by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing via BMI.

Track 07 : Written by Vinnie Vincent this song has been sung by numerous vocalists, but has never made it onto any of Vinnie Vincent's releases.

Track 09 : Nothing is currently known about this song which is registered with BMI.

further details unknown

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


Audio Samples 

Gypsy In Her Eyes

Maybe It's The Rain

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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