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VINNIE VINCENT Related Recordings

Various (unreleased) demo tracks

1965  ;  Younger Generation - demo 
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1970  ;  Hunter - demo 
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1981  ;  Vinnie Vincent - demo 
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1980 - 1982 ; Vinnie Vincent songs in Happy Days
In 1980, Vincent moved to Los Angeles, California where he became a (Paramount) staff songwriter for the television series " Happy Days" and "Joanie Loves Chachi". Many of the series songs were written on Vincent's acoustic guitar while sitting at the Cunninghams' kitchen table on the Happy Days set, during off-time from the show's rehearsal schedule.
During the last two seasons of the show, he wrote every song Joanie and Chachi sang together. Below : Happy Days' Scott Baio and Erin Moran sing "You Look At Me".
01 You Look At Me (from "Happy Days") (2:48) Vincent

1982 ; Joanie Loves Chachi
This song would be performed by Scott Baio on the show, broadcasted on October 21, 1982 in the "One-on-One" episode. Bennett Salvay was the show's musical director.
In the video below the song starts at 9:22 / credits 24:38.
01 Our Love Was Meant To Be  (0:00) Bennett Salvay / Vincent

1981 - 1982 ;  Warrior - demo 
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1985 ;  Vinnie Vincent - Invasion demo
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1987 ; Vinnie Vincent  -  "All Systems Go" demo outtakes
Track 01 is an unreleased ballad with an acoustic guitar intro before going electric, featuring scat vocals revolving primarily around the "I Wanna Love You" lyric, which seems to essentially be the only lyric figured out for the song.
01 I Wanna Love You  (4:53) Vincent

1986 - 1988 ; Vinnie Vincent Invasion - live instrumental
(performed by Vinnie Vincent Invasion on tour 1986 - 1988)
01 Fusion / Speedball (instrumental) (0:00) Vincent

1987 - 1988 ;  Vinnie Vincent with Jeff Scott Soto - Publishing Tape 
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1987 - 1988 ? ; Vinnie Vincent - demo 
This demo sounds near the same as the versions on "Vinnie Vincent with Jeff Scott Soto - Publishing Tape", but on this demo Vinnie Vincent did the lead vocals by himself.
01 Young Blood, Young Fire (4:25) Vincent
02 Forbidden (3:39) Vincent

1988 ; Vinnie Vincent (with WARRIOR)
"Thrill Of A Chase" was first roughly demoed by Steven Rosen and Jimmy Waldo.
When Vinnie Vincent heard that demo, he loved the song so much that he was keen to do his own version of it. That's why WARRIOR (including Vinnie Vincent) went into to studio in 1988 (6 years after the band split up) to record the song.
A different version (without Vinnie Vincent's vocals and guitars) appeared on Jimmy Waldo & Steven Rosen's "Voices Of The Past" (2018). (Copyright registered in April 1988)
01 Thrill Of The Chase  (3:25) Steven Rosen / Jimmy Waldo

1988 ; Vinnie Vincent
Copyright registered in 1988. Further details unknown.
01 We Belong To The Night  (0:00) Vincent
02 She Kissed Me  (0:00) Vincent

VHS - Metal Tech1988 ;  
Vinnie Vincent  -  Metal Tech (REH instructional video)

METAL TECH VOLUME V: Style, Speed & Phrasing 
(VHS video - NTSC and PAL format)

REH Video REH808 (USA, 1988)
DCI Music Video R-1427 (Japan, 1988)

Executive Producer: Roger Hutchinson
Produced by: Martin Mayo
Directed by: Steve Trauito & Keith Wyatt
Recorded at EQ Sound Studios, 1988.

Track 01 - 03 : Vinnie Vincent demonstrates his picking and phrasings style in three instrumental variations, accompanied with a drum machine and a canned bass line.
01 Metal Tech (variation 1)  (1:23) Vincent
02 Metal Tech (variation 2)  (2:52) Vincent
03 Metal Tech (variation 3)  (2:30) Vincent

1989 - 1990 ;  Vinnie Vincent - demo (with singer Goran Edman)
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1989 - 1991 ;  Vinnie Vincent - Guitars From Hell demo sessions 
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March 1996 ; Vinnie Vincent - demo recording with Gran Edman
Prior Vinnie Vincent's European KISS Convention / Expo Tour (March / April 1996) Vinnie Vincent and his wife Diane stayed a week in Stockholm, Sweden, sight seeing with Johan Kihlberg of Kiss Army Sweden (Destroyer magazine).
Vinnie Vincent had brought the backing tracks for his song "Gypsy In Her Eyes" to Sweden, and invited Swedish singer Gran Edman at the Back Beat studio, Stockholm, to lay down his vocals to the song. In the past (1988-1989) Vinnie Vincent had demoed with Gran Edman, who also was the singer in John Norum's band.
01 Gypsy In Her Eyes  (0:00) Vincent


1996 - 1997 ;  Vinnie Vincent - Guitarmageddon (unreleased album) 
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1998 ;  Vinnie Vincent ; Archives (unreleased box set) 
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May 4, 2012 : New Vinnie Vincent Audio Samples
VINNIE VINCENT - rare demo cassettesFrom:
Recently, "KISS Museum put up for auction a lot of Vinnie Vincent's personal cassette studio tapes on eBay. According to to the listing, the tapes were
"directly off the studio master tapes, many of which have Vinnie's handwriting on the labels. Sound on all tapes is absolutely, positively MINT condition!
All song titles are listed on the cassette sleeves."

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Audio Samples 

I Wanna Love You (demo)


Metal Tech


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