April 30 : Tommy Denander's DEACON STREET covers KISS
From: Kiss-Related-Recordings.nl
May 20, MTM music will release a new album by DEACON STREET, “II”, which contains a coverversion of KISS "Easy As It Seems".

The project DEACON STREET originally started out with Tommy Denander (who played guitar on Paul Stanley's forthcoming solo album) and his partner Chris Demming (AOR, Spin Gallery), who had written songs together for various artists and found themselves with a lot of very good but unused AOR / melodic rock songs. 

The new album by DEACON STREET, “II”, features big names like Stan Bush, Christopher Cross, Jeff Watson (Night Ranger), Steve Morse (Kansas, Deep Purple), Reb Beach (Winger, Dokken), Bruce Gaitsch (Richard Marx, Madonna, Peter Cetera), Thomas Vikström (Talk Of The Town), Andreas Novak, Johan Fahlberg (Jaded Heart), Bobby Messano (Glen Burtnick, Fiona, Joe Lynn-Turner), Bill Leverty (Firehouse) among others.

Tommy Denander

April 26 : Former CRISS Singer JASON EBS Launches New Project
From: Blabbermouth.net
Jason Ebs, the former singer for original KISS drummer Peter Criss on the "Bad Boys of Kiss" tours, has formed a new band called ECOTONIC. They are busy recording their debut CD, "Electrified", and are seeking a record deal, publishing deal, and music management.
Previously known as JASON & JANEA, ECOTONIC was officially born on April 5, 2006. "It just seemed like a necessary progression, as Scot [Bihlman] and Les [July] added so much more of a band feel to everything," says Ebs. "Janea [Chadwick Ebs] and I didn't feel that the former name reflected who we had grown to become. We're really excited about the new CD and are looking forward to getting on the road!"

Jason Ebs (Jason Conrad Ebsworth) comes from a rock and roll background, having toured with Peter Criss (KISS) as lead singer/guitarist for CRISS during the "Bad Boys of Kiss" tours of 1995-1996 (a double-billing with Ace Frehley's band). Originally from New Jersey and Philadelphia area, he relocated to Los Angeles to attend GIT in the '90s following a few years at Penn State University and in The United States Army Reserves. He's also played with Terri Nunn's BERLIN and has a solo rock and roll record released on Kinky Organ Music/MusicRocks Records called "Twisted Roots". 

Read more at this location.


April 18 : former Criss guitarist Mike "Angel" McLaughlin interview
From: Julian Gill / KISSfaq
Check out the new interview with former Criss guitarist Mike "Angel" McLaughlin here

Mike's been kind enough to share a late-night jam he recorded recently. 
Many of you may have heard Mike play with CRISS, other's not. So here's a taste of Mike McLaughlin: "I was just having a drink in my studio and jaming some blues... It's been a while since anyone's heard from me (my guitar playing that is). So here's a little late night jam, just a little taste of what my upcoming solo CD will have." 
Download Mike's late night blues jam MP3. Enjoy!... 
Mike's late night blues jam MP3

Interview: Mike McLaughlin

April 16 : New "Peter Criss" CD Update...
From: Julian Gill / KISSfaq
It's still early days, but Peter's new CD is currently being mixed in New York and is expected later this year (fingers- crossed). 
Some new and old info:
Includes "Hope," as song submitted (and rejected) for KISS' "Psycho Circus" album...
Includes former Criss members Mike McLaughlin and Mark Montague...
Album apparently recorded at Nutmeg Studios with Tom Perkins and Charles Kipps.
Also has Paul Schaffer on keyboards and Will Lee on bass on some tracks...
May also include songs: "Whisper," "Bohemia," "Cat Nap," "Reason For Living," "Last Night," "Crossroads," "Fallin' All Over Again," "Faces In The Crowd," and "What Does It Take" written by Peter and Mike. Aditionally, "Doesn't Get Better (Than This)" written by Charlie Kipps, Peter and Mike. And "Space Ace" written by Peter and Mark...

PETER CRISS autobiographical love-song/ballad album

April 10 : Brad Fernquist talks about his work on Paul’s solo album
From: Glam-Metal.com
Thomas S. Orwat, Jr. of Glam-Metal.com recently conducted an interview with guitarist Brad Fernquist (Goo Goo Dolls tour guitarist) , who performed most of the lead guitar 
on the new solo album from KISS frontman Paul Stanley. An excerpt from the chat follows:

You worked with him on his soon-to-be-released solo record, right? 
Yes, I did. I played almost all the leads on his record. I also played some rhythm guitar. That was a really great experience. He was totally fun to hang out with and he was funny. I meet him before briefly but never spent any time with him, so I didn’t know what he was like or what to expect. But he turned out to be a great guy to be around. And the music is very cool. 
What does it sound like? 
Well, I’m younger, so I think that he brought me in because he wanted it to sound more like modern rock. If it does sound like Kiss, it’s because it’s Paul Stanley. But it’s modern rock, it does have some heavy tunes and a couple of laid back ballads. But overall it sounds very modern. 
Did you co-write any of the material with him?
No, no definitely not. Basically what happened is I worked for an artist that Doc McGee managed and he called me in and Paul liked my playing and from there it just worked out. 
Wow, what a great gig that must have been. There are probably 30 million guitarists out there that would have killed for the chance to play on Paul Stanley’s new upcoming release. 
Yeah, it was pretty cool. To be honest because I’m younger, I kind of missed out on the whole Kiss thing. I knew the obvious songs and hits and stuff like that, but I kind of missed the whole big Kiss thing. But even so, I still knew who Kiss and Paul Stanley were, but I didn’t grow up learning Ace Frehley riffs or anything like that. But don’t get me wrong, it was definitely cool working with him, I had to pinch myself a few times to prove that I wasn’t dreaming. It was fun. He was a very cool guy to work with. 

click here to read the entire interview

"Glamour & Damnation: Greatest Hits & Dirty Little Secrets"

From: Regent St. Claire (Castle Blak)
On April 15, 2006, for the first time ever on CD, the music of N.W.O.B.H.M. glamster Regent St. Claire and his various incarnations of Castle Blak/Blak/Monster Island/and more, will finally be available to the public. The limited edition (1,000 only), 3-CD Box Set, one of the most comprehensive collections ever assembled, contains 45 tracks (many rare and/or previously unreleased, including 3 KISS cover versions), plus a 20 minute radio interview, 3 extensive 20-page colour booklets (60 pages in all) packed full of lyrics, artwork, tons of previously unpublished photos, linear notes about the songs, the guys, and even a brand NEW CB song recorded by the band in 2005! With artwork by Marc Sasso, Olaf Folta, Alex Pardee, Djezer, and CB frontman Regent St. Claire. All this for the bargain price of only $30.00 + S&H.

Box Set available exclusively through The Good Intentions Paving Co., at
www.goodintentionspaving.com while supplies last. A link to listen to samples of several of the songs, as well as a full track listing, can be found here as well.


last update : 2006-04-30

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