October 31  : Bruce Kulick Studio blog update.
From: www.kulick.net
Day 24 started with us getting a bass guitar track done for a song named "Bigger Than You". We plugged in all the basses (Fenders at least) and the RI Precision Bass custom that belongs to Jeremy turned out to have the proper growl for the track. Jeremy cranked the system, and even put the subwoofer on for my backing tracks, and it made me lock into the song quickly. "Bigger" is quite UNION "Blue Room" like, and I definitely wanted a slinky vibe to the bass parts. We were done quickly and that felt good to accomplish the bass part without needing to over-think the process.

Next up was to add some clean guitar part on the song with the working title "Dream". 
I used a RI 56 Gibson LP Goldtop with P90 pickups. I played this guitar on the demo and loved the tone, so we fired up a Fender Black Deluxe amplifier and added a chorus pedal for vibe. 
Last was just getting the song "Life" put together. We had many tracks from Jimmy Haslip, who I talked about a few blogs ago. We got a great comp of his playing and made a sweet ruff mix of the song. Can't wait for everyone to hear the material.

Checkout Bruce Kulick's BK3 full studioblog by clicking here.

B K 3

October 27  : Eric Singer in basic line-up AVANTASIA releases.
From: www.tobiassammet.com
Click here to watch an eight-minute EPK (Electronic Press Kit) clip for the new Avantasia containing song excerpts, a short interview, and excerpts of the “Lost In Space” video clip. The two 6-track-albums “Lost In Space 1” and “Lost In Space 2” will be released on November 16th, each for the price of a CD-single. The song material on both EP's will be completely different and exclusive. Besides the 6 tracks both releases will feature individual video footage such as studio report, interview, slide shows, Making-offs, videoclip etc.

In the video Tobias Sammet (vocals, bass) mentions that the basic line-up for project features Eric Singer (drums) and producer Sascha Paeth on guitars.
Eric Singer also sings lead vocals on a track called "Ride The Sky".

On November 16th the two "Lost In Space" EPs of Tobias Sammet's Avantasia will be 
released, each for the price of a CD-single!!! According to Tobias "Lost In Space 1 
and 2" feature exclusive first class material that could have been on any Avantasia 
album as well. The tracklist of the two mini epics read as follows: 

Lost In Space Part 1 - tracklist
1. Lost In Space
2. Lay All Your Love On Me
3. Another Angel Down (feat. Jorn Lande)
4. The Story Ain't Over (feat. Bob Catley & Amanda Somerville)
5. Return To Avantasia
6. Ride The Sky (feat. Eric Singer on vocals)
7. Lost In Space (video clip)
8. Lost In Space (making of the video clip)
9. Photo Gallery + Poster

Lost In Space Part 2 - tracklist
1. Lost In Space
2. Promised Land (feat. Jorn Lande & Michael Kiske)
3. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
4. Scary Eyes
5. In My Defense
6. Lost In Space (Alive At Gatestudio, feat. Amanda Somerville)
7. The Road To Avantasia (Studio report with interview)
8. Slideshow

AVANTASIA's full-story album, "The Scarecrow", will be released at end of January next year via Nuclear Blast Records. The CD is expected to feature guest appearances by the following artists: Alice Cooper (vocals), Amanda Somerville (vocals), Bob Catley (MAGNUM; vocals), Jorn Lande (ex-MASTERPLAN; vocals), Kai Hansen (GAMMA RAY; guitar), Michael Kiske (ex-HELLOWEEN; vocals), Oliver Hartmann, Roy Khan (KAMELOT; vocals) and Rudolf Schenker (SCORPIONS; guitar).

The Scarecrow - tracklist
01. Twisted Mind 
02. The Scarecrow 
03. Shelter From The Rain 
04. Carry Me Over 
05. What Kind Of Love 
06. Another Angel Down 
07. The Toy Master
08. Devil In The Belfry
09. Cry Just A Little 
10. I Don't Believe In Your Love 
11. Lost In Space

In a recent interview, Sammet described the music on the new AVANTASIA CD as  "diversified, pomp metal with some classic rock elements, Classic orchestrated moments and Celtic stuff, a big timeless production and so on and so forth. It's going to 
consist of many different elements. Bombastic kick-ass music with a lot of heart and 
depth." The new AVANTASIA album will be a concept album featuring different singers singing different characters in a story. But the concept itself won't be a sequel to the first two AVANTASIA albums.


October 17  : Bruce Kulick Studio blog update.
From: www.kulick.net
Day 22 : I had a visit from an old friend for Day 22. Jimmy Haslip is an amazing successful bass player who was in Blackjack years ago with Michael Bolton. 
He went on to form a fusion band called "Yellowjackets", which is a Grammy Award winning group. We have some mutual friends in the business, and I had stayed in touch with him, so he could come play on my CD. I chose the song "Life" cause it needed a very fluid bass line. It was actually quite different for Jimmy to play on, as he is such an improviser, but he played with a command of the bass that is out reach for Jeremy or myself.

First we started talking about everything current, like Grand Funk (he knows the 
singer Max VERY well) and then we moved onto KISS. Well, HERE is some KISS news I did NOT know! Creatures of the Night had many session guys, which I knew, but I did not know Jimmy played bass on three songs! He definitely remembered "Danger" as one title. Jeremy was freaking out, and I was shocked to think it was my ex Blackjack bass player from '79 playing with KISS a few years later! Gene didn't mind, and Michael James Jackson, the producer of that great disc, brought Jimmy in one night LATE in an LA studio. So that is so cool to hear the stories.

Day 23 : Back to basses by me and Jeremy. We looked at the song called "Love And Desire" that needed a smokey bass sound, and it took some time to decide if it was the Hofner Beatles bass or something else. Turned out the 1971 Jazz bass was the winner. We dialed in a great tone, and I dug in. 

Next up was Jeremy on "If I Could Show You." Jeremy worked the bass on the demo, so he really knew what to do. Once again the Jazz bass won and, after a few amp tweaks on the Tech 21 PSA 1, Jeremy gave a spirited performance on a very sweet love song. 

Checkout Bruce Kulick's BK3 full studioblog by clicking here.

B K 3

October 8  : Bruce Kulick Studio blog update.
From: www.kulick.net
Day 19 : Started this session with us looking at the song "If I Could Show You". 
This track is a beautiful love song, and the treatment of it is very important to Jeremy and I. We revisited the acoustics and wanted the guitar to be simpler. We used the Gibson Elvis Dove that sounds HUGE. Next up was to approach the guitar work on that song like Clapton meets John Mayer. I love Eric and John Mayer is amazing as you should know so that was easy to get in that vibe for the song.

Day 20 : Got back in the studio for only one day last week, as the studio was a bit busy. Important day, in the sense that Jeremy and I had to overview some songs. The heavy rocker that Eric Singer played on was revisited to see what we will do with that song. Still a work in progress. But it will be great. "Love and Desire" needed the solo put together and then add a harmony to the very end of it. Sounded amazing once we did that. I added a few licks at the end with the same Epiphone Riviera that I used on the solo from a few weeks back.
Next up for review was "I Will Survive" which I wanted to add some more heavy guitars to the bridge and the ending. We were right on track with the sound, and the Gray PRS McCarty did the job with the Marshall 900 head I keep going to. Next was a ruff mix to take home of "What Did I Say". We looked at the song "Bigger" as we haven't visited it in quite some time. We need to update the lyrics a bit, and will be working on it soon.

Day 21 : Finally a BASS day! I love jamming on Bass and between Jeremy and I we seem to be a good team. Sometimes I will play the entire song, but sometimes as we have learned on working with Missi St Thomas, he has a great feel for the chorus, but I will play the verse better! Strange of course but it works so matter whatever it takes for the song to be great.
First up was "And I Know" which we knew would be fun to start with. 
Next track we wanted to get the bass done for was "What Did I Say". Jeremy's reissue P Bass had the right tone for this one. He played the choruses and I did the verses and bridge! Sounded killer and that track is so catchy. Can't wait for you all to hear the songs. Last but NOT least was the song "I Will Survive". This track has a real Pink Floyd/ Beatles type of vibe, and of course we wanted to get away from the Fender and try the Gibson or the Hofner. The second we plugged in the Hofner it was as if a ray of light shined down from heaven on us!

Checkout Bruce Kulick's BK3 full studioblog by clicking here.

B K 3

October 6  : ACE FREHLEY's New Solo Album Due Early Next Year
From: Blabbermouth.net
Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley is aiming for a January 2008 release date for his new solo album, he revealed during an appearance last night (October 5) on Eddie Trunk's "Friday Night Rocks" radio show. Frehley — who recently celebrated one year of sobriety after relapsing during the summer of 2006 — has finished recording around 10 new songs for the effort but is looking to lay down two or three more in the next couple of months in order to make the CD "really special." 

Ace's new album was reportedly recorded with a trio of Ace, Anton Fig on drums and new bassist Anthony Esposito (LYNCH MOB). Ace's touring band will feature Ace, Anthony and other players yet to be announced. An official web site will also be launched before the end of the year.

October 4  : 
Bruce Kulick plays guitar on Silent Rage song "Man Or Machine".

From: KISS-Related-Recordings/ Written By Jesse Damon (Silent Rage)
"After we (Silent Rage) signed with Frontiers Records this summer, and going into this new CD, we started discussing songs & direction. We also wanted to make this a killer CD with some special touches and performances. I called Bruce to see if he could come on board to perform on a song we had just recorded for the new CD called "Man or Machine, and told him I had written it back around the KISS Revenge Era, and the band had re-worked it some. I thought he'd be perfect for including his guitar solo touches on the song. He said yes, and turned out a killer performance. It's always a treat and a pleasure to work with Bruce. What a fantastic guitarist and true professional!
We had also asked Eric Singer to record the drum track for it, and he would have, but his touring schedule conflicted with our recording schedule, and he wasn't available until December. Big Bummer, we'll catch him next time around! 
Anyway there's the KISS Related scoop. We're looking forward to unleashing this next CD of 11 songs plus a bonus track. The new Silent Rage fourth CD title is "Four Letter Word." Due out early 2008! More news to come."
Bruce Kulick and Jesse Damon at RedRum Recording Studios

SILENT RAGE at myspace

last update : 2007-10-31

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