February 29 : Swedish Sleaze Bands cover KISS 'Crazy Crazy Nights'
From: Chris Laney / sleazeroxx.com / rockhospital.com  
A collection of Swedish bands have got together to record and make a video for Kiss' Crazy Crazy Nights song. 
Zan Clan and Animal member Chris Laney posted the following information about this collaboration at his MySpace page

WOW....  I never thought I'd say this, but the studio smelled like a mix of Piss, Booze and more Piss today hahaha. 
The Stockholm based club "Crazy Nights" made a recording of KISS song "Crazy Crazy Nights"...of coz! 

To help them out (go figure how much all the bands love these guys) they got help to perform the song from people of bands like:
Crashdiet, Crucified Barbara, Glorious Bankrobbers, Babylon Bombs, Zan Clan, Sister sin, Mama Kin, Foxey, Gemini Five, Dynazty, Swedish Erotica, Treat, and many many more 

The whole thing was shot for a video and "making of". 

Don't get me wrong...but how cool is it to have all these guys doing it just for fun, no "we are the world"...just for meeting, drinking, laughing and singing!!!! 

I am thrilled to have been involved in this, cool shit. 

And my hat goes off to Dave and Nikki at Crazy Nights club who by the way are turning 2 years old today !!!! 


February 27 : Ace Frehley's new album "Pain In The Neck' revealed
From: The Akron Beacon Journal
Ace Frehley said he plans to have the album, Pain in the Neck, ready for a spring release but is still putting the finishing touches on it, including some scheduled six-string contributions from buddy/acolyte Slash.

Though most of the tunes were written in the past several years, Frehley also looked to his own past for guidance.

''I've been listening to my first solo album with Kiss, because everybody says that's their favorite record. I was trying to figure out what made it so special, so I'm trying to incorporate a lot of what that record had for this new CD.

''It has a lot of different aspects and shows different musical sides of me and it's something I'm trying to recapture. I don't know if I can do it but I'm gonna take a shot at it.''

Among the sounds fans can look forward to on the album are the title track and Hard for Me, which Frehley said were two of the heavier tunes; the slower Kashmir-like Genghis Khan; and a ''catchy tune that's maybe geared towards commerciality'' called Below the Angels.

Read the entire interview clicking here

ACE FREHLEY news update

February 24 : Bruce Kulick related Michael Bolton album re-issue
From: KISS-Related-Recordings
Tomorrow, February 25, UK label Rock Candy Records will release their reissue of Michael Bolton's "Everybody's Crazy" album. Originally released in 1985 at the CBS/ Columbia (Sony) label, the album is produced by Neil Kernon and features (then Kiss-) guitarist Bruce Kulick on 8 (out of nine) tracks.

MICHAEL BOLTON - Everybody's Crazy 1985 album details

February 21 : Producer Mark Opitz Talks About KISS Symphony
From: Rockpages.gr
Rockpages Web Magazine ten days ago started a KISS Special feature for the band’s 35th anniversary. We will provide interviews with 30 KISS-related persons (we started with former KISS manager Bill Aucoin).

This week we publish an interview with the producer of KISS Symphony CD/DVD, Mark Opitz. Mr. Opitz discusses his collaboration with KISS in 2003. 

Here’s an excerpt of the interview: 
Rockpages.gr: What was your first reaction when KISS approached you to produce one of the most bizarre musical combinations: rock n roll + classical music?

Mark Opitz: Australian promoter Michael Gudinski recommended me to KISS. 
My reaction was not one of the bizarre but of the size and scope of the project. 
The actual audio recording alone required 3 tracks and a team of 12 engineers plus crew. The video side added at least another 40. The mix of rock and classical is not a new concept so that part didn’t concern me as much as making sure we captured 
every note.

Read the entire interview with producer Mark Opitz at Rockpages.gr

Rockpages.gr - Mark Opitz interview

From: Giacomo - Juliet KISS tribute - ITALY
The SWISS KISS Fan Party 2008 will take place Saturday February 23rd, 2008 from 6:00 pm to 1:15 am at Pieterlen (Bern), Switzerland (Mezwerkgebeuide Hall). 
Tickets will be available at the door.

KISS Tribute Bands - STILL ALIVE (Power Show), JULIET KISS (Unplugged Show) and REASON TO KISS (Acoustic Duo) - will perform. 
Special Guests include Captain Hollywood & Jotty Loreno, and the show also features animations, a DJ set and KISS Merchandise!

For more information email - jottyloreno@hotmail.it .

Click here to view Fan Party FLYER.


February 19 : Chelsea guitarist Chris Aridas  passed away
From: KISS-Related-Recordings / Tina Aridas
Today KRR received an email from Tina Aridas, sister of CHELSEA guitarist Chris Aridas, that Chris passed away February 17. Chris died of cancer.
Our condolences goes to the Aridas family.

February 17 : new Led Zeppelin Tribute features Bruce Kulick
From: KISS-Related-Recordings / Robert a Abrams
Cleopatra Records has released a 2-CD set called "LedBox - The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Tribute on the Deadline label. This 25 song double CD set contains many great Classic Rock artist, such as Eric Bloom (Blue Oyster Cult), Brian Robertson (Motörhead / Thin Lizzy), Tony Franklin (The Firm), Doane Perry (Jethro Tull), Pat Travers, Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow), Jeff “Skunk” Baxter (The Doobie Brothers), Jack Russell (Great White), Bruce Kulick (ex-KISS), Manny Charlton (Nazareth), Rick Derringer, Steve Lukather (Toto), Albert Lee, Dweezil Zappa, Rick Wakeman (Yes), John Wetton (King Crimson), Geoff Downes (Asia / Yes), Steve Morse (Deep Purple),Keith Emerson (ELP), Billy Sherwood, Tony Kaye, Alan White (of Yes), Paul Dianno (ex-Iron Maiden), Taime Downe (Faster Pussycat), Jani Lane (ex-Warrant), Joe Leste (Bang Tango / Beautiful Creatures), John Corabi (ex-Mötley Crüe / Union), Marq Torien (Bullet Boys), Kelly Hanson (Foreigner).

Bruce Kulick plays guitar on "Dazed & Confused". Also his brother Bob Kulick plays guitar on this track, along with Jack Russell from Great White on vocals, Tony Franklin from the Firm on bass, and Doane Perry from Jethro Tull on drums.
Bob Kulick produced 3 of the songs on this collection and plays 12 string electric guitar on the song "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You.

LED BOX - 2CD Led Zeppelin Tribute

February 15 : composer Espen Lind speak about Paul Stanley
From: PaulStanley.com/ Øivind Jensen
Espen Lind, the composer of "I Will Be With You (Where the Lost Ones Go)", stated in Dagbladet that his "knees felt like jelly" when hearing Paul Stanley singing his song.
Lind also told the major Norwegian newspaper, he is a major KISS-fan and knows everything KISS has done by heart. Lind said he hopes to meet Paul Stanley in person soon and that Paul is a magnificent singer, his favorite member of KISS, an incredible front figure. Ending the interview, Lind made it known he feels the new recording of the song is superior to his own original from 2000.

Espen Lind at MySpace

Sarah Brightman - Symphony

February 9 : 
Songwriter Discusses Working With GENE SIMMONS On 'War Machine'

From: Rockpages.gr
On the 30th of January, 2008 KISS celebrated 35 years of constant presence and Rockpages.gr decided that it was the right time for… not just another special article. You see, it would be too easy to put down on paper (or more likely on word processor) some milestones in KISS’ career. However, we wanted to give to the entire KISS Army a gift to remember and cherish for all 2008! 30 noteworthy KISS-related figures that have been connected at a point in their lives with KISS turn back the hands of time and remember their KISS experience. Every 10 days we will be adding the recollection of a different KISS-related figure, like Jim Vallance, Bob Gruen, Robert Fleischman, Jay Messina etc..
Read the interview with Jim Vallance, composer of “War Machine” and “Rock And Roll Hell” at Rockpages.gr

Jim Vallance interview

February 7 : Music From Bruce's Sessions With Yayo Available Online
From: Kulick.net
Bruce Kulick recently posted a Message about his work with young artist Yayo, who Bruce knows from his time as a counselor at the Rock Fantasy Camps. You can check out some of the music that has come from those recent recording sessions by visiting

YAYO - MySpage page

February 6 : ACE FREHLEY Preps Solo Album
From: Billboard.com
Guitarist ACE FREHLEY, who got sober after leaving KISS again in 2002, is in the midst of recording his first solo album since 1990, with a planned April release, he tells Billboard.com.
Frehley, who is recording the as-yet-untitled album at his home studio in Westchester, N.Y., aims to have it finished by Feb. 20, when he starts a North American concert tour.
He reports he is currently negotiating with "two or three record labels" to put it out but says he'll release it first through his official web site, which is currently being revamped, and perhaps also via iTunes.

"Basically, I'm trying to get back into the mindset I was in when I did my first solo record [1978's 'ACE FREHLEY']," Frehley says. "That record seemed to have all the elements everybody liked -- a real cool instrumental, a hit single, some real heavy rockers, a nice variety of different genres of music."

Among his favorite new tracks are "A Little Below the Angels," hard rocking "Pain in the Neck," and an instrumental called "Fractured Quantum" which is a follow-up to his previous instrumentals "Fractured Mirror," "Fractured Too" and "Fractured III." Another favorite is "groove song" titled "Genghis Khan," which he likens in tone to Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir." Don't expect to hear any of the new songs at his concerts, however.

"Every show's on YouTube, every song," explains Frehley, who used 12-step programs and a personal physician and therapist care to clean up after he left KISS for a second time in 2002. "I don't want to play any of the new songs 'cause I don't want to give away anything. I want that magic and mystique of hearing something for the first time when you're supposed to, so I don't think I'm going to play any of [the new songs] until the CD's released."

Instead Frehley will play a set filled with KISS favorites he wrote, plus material from his previous solo releases. He admits some ambivalence about doing "Cold Gin," " 'cause I don't drink anymore and I don't promote it. But it's such a kick-ass song... I think that me talking about the fact I'm clean and sober and I'm not a party animal anymore is plenty. I can still get away with playing it."

February 3 : Huge update KRR's cover version section
From: KISS-Related-Recordings
Thanks to Rainer Jansen, who did some extensive internet research recently, the KISS cover version discography have been updated with some more obscure releases.

Added KISS cover details :

Cold Gin - Chem-Dyne (1985)
Strutter - God (1988)
New York Groove (demo) - Stream (1997)
Beth / Great Expectations (rare CD single) - The Creeps (1997)
Got To Choose - Stephen Christian  (featuring Gregg Chaisson) (1998)
God Of Thunder (demo) - Sack Trick (2000)
Ich bin für die Liebe da (I Was Made For Lovin' You in German) - Die Rockys (2000)
Strutter - Terry Vain and The Itch (2002)
Do You Love Me - West of Eden (2002)
I Love It Loud - West of Eden (2002)
Beth - RTX (2004)
C'mon and Love Me - Deloreans (2005)
Goin' Blind / Shock Me (medley) - Joseph Arthur (2005)
Forever - Orient Express Cafe (Nicolas Garcia) (2006)
I Was Made For Loving You - Orient Express Cafe (Nicolas Garcia) (2006)
Rock and Roll All Nite - Orient Express Cafe (Nicolas Garcia) (2006)
Rock And Roll All Nite (live- as Read The Word All Night) - Zion (2007)
Talk To Me - Peppermint Creeps (2007)
Charisma - Seeking Obscure (2007)
God Of Thunder - Dysanchely (2007)



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