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From: Don Saint-Thomas
"Human Nation" is a straight-up rocker that features some killer lead guitar tracks by none other than Bruce Kulick (ex-KISS, current GRAND FUNK RAILROAD guitar god).

The DST album recording has been slowed a bit by the increased work load, but is still coming along nicely. I am putting finishing touches on the next release now & am very excited about how things are shaping up.
Two of the tracks (incl. "Human Nation") are already available in digital download format on iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, Amazon Music, ect. 

For more info visit :
MySpace MP3 stream

album info

June 29 : Bruce Kulick " BK3" Studio blog update / Final Day
From: Bruce Kulick / (studioblog, Day 50)
I am proud to say that this day 50 is actually my final blog for the recording of BK3. 
Of course there are times when tracks are being cleaned and consolidated for mixing, then the days of listening carefully to the mixes, but I really only covered the recording process for my long journey for my CD. I am sure you all know lots of other effort is put into the writing and arranging for the songs before I even get to the studio.

Song number 11 had a different title. I did most of the tracks a long time ago and it was called "What Did I Say". That version of the song was an uplifting track, even though I thought it was not really right. The melody and lyrics not great yet. The best thing this song always had for me was the thematic guitar lines that are such a part of what I like for my music. Jeremy was always hoping we could finish the song, and because of me already offering 3 of the songs from BK3 with my Australian Limited Edition EP, it was only fair for me to agree to get an 11th song done. What made it hard, was we were very used to what we had before. And that meant let's bring in some help.

A good friend of Jeremy's Dan Lavery who is a great songwriter and bass player (The Fray, Tonic) liked the track and took a stab at getting a fresh approach to the tracks we so carefully laid out. Once I heard the results of his labor it was clear I would have song 11 completed. We did have to edit some of the arrangement as Dan suggested a chord change in the verse, but with the magic of the studio not a hard thing to do. Some new acoustic guitar overdubs plus a redo of the bass guitar was all we needed. We also made the bridge of the song, a pre solo to my big solo.

So we came up with some cool harmony guitar lines, that was done at one in the morning that late night, with my PRS McCarty in silver through my Orange Tiny Terror and Marshall cabinet. The bass was my Fender P Bass from 1966 and I let Jeremy do the honors as he has been practicing quite a bit of bass playing lately. We also plugged in his new Line 6 bass amp that sounded very cool with that vintage Precision. I used my Gibson Elvis Dove and a Martin D-18 from 1970 for the acoustic parts, and all the other performances on the track were left intact. Just some arrangement edits and we had a fresh extremely catchy new version of the song. I am not sure about the title yet, but it has to do with what my life is like, always leaving on the road... "getting on the carousel again" to say it poetically.

Singing ANY song is a challenge for me, but a brand new one is harder! Jeremy helped along as always, but then Cliff Calabro came over for the backgrounds, and he jumped in guiding me with the phrasing as well. That team effort made me shine and a big thank you for their help. So the only thing left to do for the CD is approving the mix for this song, as two other titles for the disc have been mixed this week already.

As crazy as my schedule is for getting the music work done, I wouldn't trade my life... no way. You can all figure that I come home from a road trip and the next day, or even the day I arrive back, I am in the studio to record my music. Getting it all coordinated with schedules is a job in itself. What else is left? Well mastering the other 8 songs, (the 3 on the EP are mastered) and sequencing them all is one project. Of course the final artwork is another project to make happen. First a photo shoot with Neil Zlozower and then the artwork, in that order please! And then it will be time to manufacture and promote this CD.

BK3 is something I am extremely proud of. I know you all will have your own favorite tracks, but for me I love them all and of course it was a pleasure to have so many "special guests" appear like Gene Simmons and his son Nick, Steve Lukather, Doug Fieger, John Corabi, Eric Singer, Tobias Sammet, Jimmy Haslip and Kenny Aronoff. All seasoned pros... that made this CD very special. The list would go on and on, and of course I will have my credits for this CD for everyone to see, but I know it never would have been done if not for the very strong belief from my producer Jeremy in what I could accomplish if I worked hard enough for it. His diligence got the best out of me, and for that I am grateful.

More news once I get the other "projects" regarding the CD completed. Thank you all for your support!

Bruce Kulick - Studioblog

June 27 : Bruce Kulick Performance Video, 1976
Bruce worked with disco artist Andrea True following his first major professional gig with George McRae. Andrea is more commonly remembered for her string of X-rated movies than the disco music she was creating with Gregg Diamond and Tom Moulton. Andrea saw her music as a chance to break into the mainstream and get away from the adult entertainment business, though she remained a one hit wonder (“More, More, More”). Bruce was less impressed working with Andrea, recalling “I didn’t enjoy the Andrea True gig; we played nice places where she’d had big hits, but we also played Air Force bases. At times it was like Spinal Tap” (Moseley, Willie G., Vintage Guitar Magazine, 1996). Some of the other band members who toured with Andrea at this time had been in a cover band in New York with Bruce. The “Connection” in July 1976 included Andrea, Bruce, Ray Martinez on lead vocals and percussion, keyboard player Joe Bersani, Wolfgang Largo on bass, Mark Statleron (trumpet), and Ken Johnston on saxophone and flute. While the band played some bigger venues, some shows ended up being cancelled once Andrea’s porn history was noticed in some markets. 
The band performed three songs ("More, More, More," "Party Line," and "Fill Me Up [Heart To Heart]") on Don Kirshner's "New" Rock Concert TV show, broadcast September 25, 1976.

Check out a video clip of "Party Line", by clicking here.

June 20 : Paul Stanley's KISS Album Update
We're about four days from finishing the new KISS album. Eleven tracks, and it IS everything I've told you. It IS classic. It IS all written within the band. And IT ROCKS BIG TIME! Tommy and Eric both handle lead vocals. The songs, sound and playing will knock your socks off. You will all be as proud and excited as we all are. 
Oh...and WAIT till you see the cover! 

We ARE just getting started! 


June 19 : KISS' SIMMONS Confirms Deal With WAL-MART Is In Works
KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons has confirmed that a deal is in the works with Wal-Mart that will result in an "entire section" of the giant retailer's stores across the country (apparently dubbed "Kiss Korner") being dedicated to KISS.

As previously reported, Simmons and fellow KISS co-founder Paul Stanley made a surprise stop at the at the 39th annual Wal-Mart shareholders meeting on June 5 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Though they didn't perform, a camera crew from Simmons' A&E TV show "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" followed him around Bud Walton Arena. 

There has been no official announcement of a KISS deal with Wal-Mart for the band's next CD, although artists such as THE EAGLES and AC/DC have both issued recent albums exclusively through the giant retailer. In addition, AEROSMITH guitarist Joe Perry may have inadvertently let it slip that the band's next studio album will come out exclusively through Wal-Mart. 

Whereas Best Buy's exclusive deal for GUNS N' ROSES' "Chinese Democracy" involved a marketing campaign centered solely on the album, Wal-Mart saw AC/DC's "Black Ice" as a way to sell more than music. The company hawked AC/DC T-shirts and an exclusive AC/DC version of MTV Networks' Rock Band videogame.

"As we looked at AC/DC's loyal fan base, that's when this idea came about: How do we pull in the music with other things?" Gary Severson, Wal-Mart's senior vice president for entertainment and electronics, told The Wall Street Journal in a December 2008 interview. "Some artists allow you that opportunity."

In a recent interview with Wags & Elliott of the Columbus, Ohio radio station QFM96, Gene Simmons stated about KISS' forthcoming CD, "[It's the] first studio album in 11 years. And you can't force those things — either it's in your blood and it's happening or... This is, I have to say... this might be the best new record we've done since 'Destroyer'. In fact, it has a similar sound — 'Rock And Roll Over'-meets-'Love Gun' kind of a record. That's coming out in September/October, and then we're gonna be doing a 60-city American tour."

June 18 : Bruce Kulick " BK3" Studio blog update
From: Bruce Kulick / (studioblog, Day 49)
Finally got a chance to get back to work on BK3. Kevin Churko is the engineer that worked with Jeremy and I when Gene Simmons was at Henson Studio last October recording with me for my CD. The reason I mention Kevin (who is Ozzy Osbourne's current producer and a talented writer as well) is that he presented Jeremy and I an idea for a song that we loved. So we got to work once the lyrics and melody were completed earlier this June.

I started off over dubbing big guitars, and most of the parts needed to be doubled. Used some interesting guitars this time around to get some different sounds etc. I used a Gibson 1995 Cherry SG, and a 1980's BC Rich Koa Mockingbird and then my Gibson LP Jr from Kiss Revenge Tour was used as well as the Explorer that I did the clean 
Domino guitar parts on Revenge. They all sounded killer and the amps used were my old Marshall 900 head and a dual reverb model as well as the Egnater Rebel 20 Watt head. We actually had the Egnater on a very low wattage setting, and it still sounded huge!

The song has many interesting sections and cool "ear candy" guitar parts, so those were added with my new Whale Blue PRS McCarty. Various pedals from my BOSS SD-1 and custom Wah and Geek chorus and Geek vibe pedals along with some other odd ones for added color were used. We also tried some piano in an interesting way in the bridge as that solo section has a different sonic color.

Solos were performed on my new ESP Custom Vintage plus with floyd and humbucker, that BC Rich mockingbird, and my old LP from 53 that has been on so many KISS records. It was fun making this song come alive with all these great guitars and sounds. Bass guitar was added by Jeremy on my vintage Fender P Bass from 1966. That is always the "go-to" bass for big ass bass sounds.

After all that guitar playing, it was time to sing, and the lyrics are fast and furious. The song is fun, and aggressive and that is an interesting combination. By the end of the third day of recording at Stagg Studios it was clear we have created a monster with this song called "FATE".

So enjoy the pictures and more studio work on the last song is coming soon. My long hard journey for BK3 is finally coming to an end and I can't wait for you all to hear the entire 11 song CD. And I hope you all caught the GS's Family Jewels episode called "Memphis". Some music was heard from the song Gene co-wrote and sang for BK3.

More soon. THANKS!

Bruce Kulick - Studioblog

June 15 : ACE FREHLEY's 'Anomaly' : Complete Track Listing
Earth People!!!
How are you?...... I'm happy to say that my new album "Anomaly" is finished!

Mixed, mastered...Done!!!!! It clocks in as one full hour of new music......... 
I'm waiting for my distribution company to get me solid release dates that we can decide on. I want "Anomaly" to be available to you in every store around the world that sells cds these days (and that number is shrinking). Digitally, "Anomaly" will be available on iTunes (with an exclusive bonus, album only track!!). Believe me, as soon as we decide on the release date..... you'll be the first to know. But for now, the "official" track listing for "Anomaly" follows........ Talk to you soon.......


1. Foxy & Free
2. Outer Space
3. Pain In The Neck
4. Fox On The Run
5. Genghis Khan
6. Too Many Faces
7. Change The World
8. Space Bear
9. A Little Below The Angels
10. Sister
11. It's A Great Life
12. Fractured Quantum
13. The Return of Space Bear (Dedicated to Tom Snyder) - iTunes Exclusive only track


June 11 : Dito Godwin interview (producer of Criss’ “Cat #1”)
From: continues their year-long KISS special feature with an interview of a KISS-related figure. This week, Dito Godwin, the producer of  "Cat #1"! Here's an excerpt : In 1994, CRISS released their first (and as it turned out last) full-length album that you also produced. Peter has stated that this was his best recording experience in years. What do you remember from that work in the studio?

Dito Godwin: So much...(laughs) First of all, Peter, in his two previous solo records, didn't play drums on all the songs. That was the big difference with "Cat #1" where he played everything and did a brilliant job. Another thing that really stands out is the fact that in 1994 there was a major earthquake in Los Angeles and Peter was really upset. We established a great relationship...we were like brothers. To tell you the truth, up until the point that we got to work together, I haven't realized how great Peter was as a singer...

Read the full interview by clicking the link below.
- Dito Godwin (Producer of Criss’ “Cat #1”)

June 7 : Rik Fox 's SIN 1985 demo added to the Tommy Thayer section
From: Kiss Related Recordings
A few months ago KRR contributor Thorbjörn Brorsson noticed me about a Dana Strum (Vinnie Vincent Invasion) produced demo by LA-band SIN, which features then BLACK 'n BLUE members Tommy Thayer and Patrick Young on backing vocals.
SIN was formed by STEELER's bassist Rik Fox, and because of the connection with STEELER as well as an article in Dutch Metal Magazine AARDSCHOK, I simply bought SIN's shaped picture disc single in 1984. That (now) rare single is still one of my "all time fave releases", so after 25 years I was really pleased getting in contact with one of the coolest looking guys in early 80's (hair-band) rock, Rik Fox.
We had a nice email conversation, which (details) is now added to the Tommy Thayer discography section; SIN - demo 1985 (featuring Tommy Thayer - backing vocals).

SIN - demo 1985

June 7 : Ace Frehley "Greatest Hits Live" reissued on vinyl pict. disc
From: Kiss Related Recordings
Ace Frehley's 2006 album "Greatest Hits Live" is reissued by Megaforce as a double picture disc vinyl in custom sleeve, with only 500 numbered copies pressed.

Ace Frehley - Greatest Hits Live

June 1 : Wayne Johnson interview (musician on Criss’ “Cat #1”)
From: continues their year-long KISS special feature with an interview of a KISS-related figure. This week, Wayne Johnson, shares some details about his guitar solo of "Beth" on CRISS' "Cat #1"! Here's an excerpt : You played the guitar solo on one of the most famous KISS songs ever ("Beth"). Did you have the chance to listen to the original version?

Wayne Johnson: Yes...and as with many other is one of my favorite KISS songs.

Read the full interview by clicking the link below.
- Wayne Johnson (Guest Musician on Criss’ “Cat #1”)

June 1 : Ted Poley will release a Kulick/Carr penned song next year
From: Giuliano Silva Ognio / Kiss Related Recordings
During an interview with a Peruvian KISS fan, Ted Poley (DANGER DANGER) mentioned that his "Greatest Hits Vol. 2" album will include the song "Heaven's Falling".
"Heaven's Falling" is written by Ted Poley, Bruce Kulick and Eric Carr.
"Greatest Hits Vol. 2" will be released in 2010, while Ted Poley's "Greatest Hits Vol.1" will be released soon.

blogspot GODS OF THUNDER Peru

last update : 2009-06-30

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