NEWS UPDATE - December 2014

December 22 : Bruce Kulick / KKB returns in 2015
From : Bruce Kulick /
Bruce Kulick, Mike Katz, and Guy Bois are proud to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of KKB, featuring an all-new mix of the original album, plus a brand new track recorded in 2014.

My first band, when I was 20 years old, was called KKB. The initials are the last names of the talented musicians in the band who had a dream to record for the love of music.
Little did we realize life would never afford us the opportunity to do more with what we created. I first shared KKB with the world in 2008, when we created 1,000 limited edition, numbered CDs.
Since then, Mike Katz, our singer and principal writer, found the original multitrack tapes we recorded in 1974. We discussed writing a new song and updating the mixes, with a vision of squeezing every bit of fidelity and spirit out of the performances.

In early 2015, KKB will be released with a brand new song that will blow your mind, along with remixed versions of the original 6 songs and some more recently unearthed material as well. It was a long time ago, but the tracks still sound remarkably current.

Enjoy the teaser video, and check out the KKB facebook page!

December 18 : Momoiro Clover Z x KISS Collaboration Detailed
From :
The team up between American rock band KISS and Japanese idol group Momoiro Clover Z, untitled when announced last month, now has a name. Momoclo's 13th single, "Yume no Ukiyo ni Saitemina,” is set to be released internationally January 28th via iTunes in 120 countries. The Japanese physical release is coming in Momoclo edition with CD and Blu-Ray and KISS Edition with CD.

The title song is composed by Paul Stanley and Greg Collins with Yuho Iwasato on lyrics. It's performed by Momoclo with KISS play the instruments and backing vocal.
The B side is still to be announced.

The KISS version will also include the extra song SAMURAI SON, which is also slated to be included on the January 28th release of the Japanese version of “Best of KISS 40".

"Yume no Ukiyo ni Saitemina" credits :
Lyrics :Iwasato Yuho, Paul Stanley
Music : Paul Stanley, Greg Collins
Arrangement : KISS, Greg Collins
Player and Chorus :KISS

"Samurai Son" credits :
Lyrics : Paul Stanley
Music : Paul Stanley, Greg Collins
Arrangement : KISS, Greg Collins
Player : KISS
Chorus : Momoiro Clover Z

Momoclo Edition
01. Yume no Ukiyo ni Saitemina
02. undecided
03. Yume no Ukiyo ni Saitemina (off vocal ver.)
04. undecided(off vocal ver.)

・Yume no Ukiyo ni Saitemina MUSIC VIDEO

KISS Edition
01. Yume no Ukiyo ni Saitemina
02. undecided
03. Samurai Son
04. Yume no Ukiyo ni Saitemina (off vocal ver.)
05. undecided (off vocal ver.)
06. Samurai Son (off vocal ver.)

“Best of KISS 40″ tracklist Japanese version
01. Samurai Son (US mix) KISS vs Momoiro Clover Z
02. Rock and Roll All Nite
03. Shout It Out Loud
04. Beth
05. Hard Luck Woman
06. Detroit Rock City
07. Calling Dr.Love
08. Christine Sixteen
09. Love Gun
10. I Was Made For Lovin’ You
11. Shandi
12. I’m a Legend Tonight
13. Lick It Up
14. Heaven’s On Fire
15. Tears Are Falling
16. Crazy Nights
17. God Gave Rock ‘N’ Roll to You II
18. Psycho Circus
19. Modern Day Delilah
20. Hell Or Hallelujah

Limited Edition DVD
01. Psycho Circus
02. Shout It Out Loud
03. Hell Or Hallelujah

December 10 : Bruce Kulick on "Guitar Wizards Vol. III & IV" album
From : Versailles Records  /
Versailles Records has revealed the artwork for their upcoming Guitar Wizards Vol. III and IV compilation. The cover features artists Bruce Kulick (KISS), Tony Franklin (Whitesnake, The Firm), Jeff Healey, Tracy G (Dio), Chris Poland (Megadeth), Blues Saraceno (Poison), Xander Demos (Sabbath Judas Sabbath, XDB) and other included guitar players.

The album is scheduled for digital release before Christmas. Physical copies will have a February 2015 street date.
Guitar Wizards Vol. I and II was released earlier this year.

"We're very honored to have Xander Demos featured on the cover, alongside some of the most incredible guitar players in rock and metal," said Demos' manager, Michael Stover of MTS Management Group.
"This compilation has been a long time in the making, and we're very excited for it to finally be coming out. It's sure to be a huge success!"

Further details to follow.

Versailles Records

December 10 : Rock & Roll All Nite - A Tribute To Kiss - 1974 - 2014
From : Versailles Records
On January 13, 2015 Versailles Records is set to release a double CD entitled "Rock & Roll All Nite - A Tribute To Kiss - 1974 - 2014", featuring current/former members of Guns N Roses, Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Foreigner, Alice Cooper Band, Ratt, Dio, Slash's Snakepit, Heart, Keel, L.A. Guns, Dangerous Toys, Britney Fox, Lillian Axe, White Lion, Slaughter, Moccasin Creek, Richard Kendrick, and many others pay tribute to KISS's Greatest Hits!

Pre-order Now at

Rock & Roll All Nite - A Tribute To Kiss - 1974 - 2014 album details

December 9 : Vinnie Vincent says Yes to Swedish band IMPERA
From : Impera
Swedish rock band IMPERA featuring four well known members from Sweden managed to track down the legendary ex KISS guitar player Vinnie Vincent to play a guest solo on their new album "Empire Of Sin" that is coming out January 23rd on Escape Music.

IMPERA are known for their love and ties to KISS, they recorded a cover of Paul Stanley's solo album song "Goodbye" with Bob Kulick as special guest for their 2013 album "Pieces Of Eden, band leader JK Impera used to run the Kiss Army in Sweden and has played with Bruce Kulick and Vinnie Vincent before, guitarist Tommy Denander plays on Paul Stanley's last solo album "Live To Win" and has recorded and performed with Eric Singer, Bruce and Bob Kulick before, bassist Mats Vassfjord has also played with Vinnie Vincent before.

“The whole rock world is wondering where Vinnie is today so I was very happy when I got hold of him, and I was even more thrilled when he said yes to play a guest solo on our new Impera album but unfortunately in the end it all fell apart because it was not enough time so close to the release to make it happen which is ok, I´m happy he said yes and we wish him all the best, maybe on the next one says JK Impera”.

IMPERA official

December 9 : MARCEESE 's 2nd folk KISS Tribute album release date
From : Kiss Related Recordings  / Marceese
In April 2013 Berlin based folksinger and guitarplayer Marceese released his first full KISS Tribute album "Baby Driver". He announced to record the complete KISS backing catalog from the 70's area. On January 23, 2015 Timezone Records is set to release his second coup called "Have Love, Will Travel". He made it his business.

Like on his first KISS cover album Marceese nearly forgoes the big hits and leave some die-hard-fans with clueless faces. And surprisingly the new interpretations sound way older than the originals by Gene, Ace, Peter and Paul ! Which is result of Marceese slipping over his own Americana-folk-style to 70's Hard Rock tunes.
"Tomorrow and Tonight" and "Move On"for example sounds like 40ies / 50ies recordings.
But again you count on that native Berliner, so he thunderstruck with a Hendrix-influenced version of the disco-song "Dirty Livn'", just to keep it up with a cheesy yearning variation of "Easy Thing"...

"Have Love, Will Travel" is a varied folk record in the broadest sense, far away from the excessively buffoonery of the New York Hard Rock quartet.

"Have Love, Will Travel" track list :
01  Tomorrow and Tonight
02  Man Of 1000 Faces
03  Plaster Caster
04  I Want You
05  Radioactive
06  Got Love For Sale
07  Easy Thing
08  Move On
09  Dirty Livin'
10  Rip It Out
11  Rock and Roll All Nite

album review : 
From : Kiss Related Recordings
Wow, This 2nd KISS Tribute of Berlin folk artist is a must have gem ….
It’s hard to believe Marceese is from Germany. It really is a pleasure to hear KISS' obscure songs transformed into Southern sounding folk classics, in a mood that brings you to New Orleans, Mississippi Delta, … a house with a rocking chair on the veranda … “Tommorow and Tonight” goes back to 50’s cajun music … This time “I Want You” and “Rip It Out” are rearranged to emotional dramatically acoustical ballads, with a nearly crying electric guitar during “I Want You”.
Where Marceese first KISS Tribute “
Baby Driver” was mainly acoustical folk music, "Have Love, Will Travel" have a lot more musical surprises …. “Plaster Caster”, an up-tempo “Radioactive” … nice backing vocals, bass drum and electric guitarsolo on “Got Love For Sale”, Banjo Cajun / bass drum versions of “Move On” and “Rock ‘n Roll All Nite” … and with a Jimi Hendrix 60’s guitar sound version of “Dirty Livin” Marceese did one of the best KISS cover versions ever …. This really is a must hear!!!
Hidden track on the album is a humoristic parody folk version of “Charisma” …
It wouldn’t surprise me when one of these covered KISS tunes will be used in a movie or documentary taking place in Southern States of America …
Marceese’s previous KISS Tribute “
Baby Driver” I described as a little pearl, now his 2nd KISS Tribute “Have Love, Will Travel” than is a perfectly cut diamond …. KRR TIP !!!

MARCEESE - Have Love, Will Travel album details

December 9 : Recently released Tribute albums / update
From : Kiss Related Recordings
KISSED BY KISS - book plus CD (Italy 2014)    PACO STANLEY - A Tribute To Starchild    Oliver Schneiß Starstruck, A Solo Guitar Tribute To Paul Stanley - The Songwriter

"KISSED BY KISS" is an Italian book written by Andrea Ciccomartino, which is published and released June 2014.

“Il tocco magico e le collaborazioni dei Kiss negli album di altri artisti” (
"The Magic Touch and collaborations of Kiss albums and other artists" is the subtitle chosen by the author to illustrate this "encyclopedia" on the collaboration of the various components of Kiss in the works of other artists.
Attached with the "Kissed by Kiss" book is a KISS Tribute compilation CD featuring 22 Italian groups and solo artists.

On October 31, 2014 Spanish Rocker
Paco Stanley have released his album "A Tribute To Starchild" on Earth Records. This Paul Stanley tribute album contains 14 songs and seems to be available on eBay only, or by sending a PM from Paco Stanley's facebook page.

Another Paul Stanley Tribute album comes from German artist Oliver Schneiss, who just have released
"STARSTRUCK : A Solo Guitar Tribute To Paul Stanley - The Songwriter".
The album features 11 acoustic instrumental songs, and to my big surprise it works out very well, especially when putting the album sleeve aside while trying to guess the song. Sure, you will recognize “I Was Made For Lovin’ You” and both “Music From The Elder” tracks (“Fanfare” and “Just a Boy”) immediately, but most of the other tracks surely will take about half a minute before realizing which song it is…. at the end realizing how well "Second To None" (from Paul Stanley's 2006 "Live To Win" album) is arranged musically.

You can purchase "STARSTRUCK : A Solo Guitar Tribute To Paul Stanley - The Songwriter" at and


December 2 : Chris Catena working on new album feat. Bruce Kulick
From : Chris Catena (facebook)
After a short break I am starting again working on various projects. The album "Return Of The Freak" takes shape gradually and the line up includes fantastic musicians sharing with me this crazy rock and roll trip !

The list of guest musicians includes : Bruce Kulick, Matt Starr (Ace Frehley band), Nik West, Matt Fuller, Dizzy Reed, Brian Tichy, Marco Mendoza, Blues Saraceno, Jimmy Crespo, Neil Murray, Paul Shortino, Janne Stark, Pat Travers, Stevie Salas, Chuck Wright, Bumblefoot, Kee Marcello, Greg Chaisson, Bobby Kiimball, Tony Franklin, Teddy "zig zag" Andreadis, Doug Aldrich, Mathias Ya Eklundh, Carmine Appice, Dick Wagner (RIP) a.o.

December 2 :
Peter Criss says he wants to make his next solo album ‘Heavier’

From : /
Original KISS drummer Peter Criss is continuing work on a new rock solo album, which he promises will be "heavier" than the stuff he has done in the past.

Criss's last solo CD, titled "One For All", came out in 2007. Peter produced the album himself for the first time, and was joined by guest musicians that included keyboardist Paul Shaffer and bassist Will Lee of "Late Night with David Letterman".
The album featured a range of styles, from rock and jazz to blues and Broadway, and included covers of "What a Difference a Day Makes" and "Send in the Clowns".

Speaking to an audience of fans at a question-and-answer session hosted by VH1 Classic "That Metal Show" co-host Eddie Trunk on November 28 at the "All Things That Rock" festival in Oaks, Pennsylvania, Criss stated about the progress of the recording sessions for the follow-up to "One for All" (see video below): "I've been sitting on a record … I'd done this thing, like, five years ago and I'm still messing with it. I'm not done, because I don't wanna rush it."

He continued: "The sad thing is, you put music out today, and you download it immediately.

"Rock 'n' roll's not dead — I don't wanna hear that, that rock's dead. It's far from dead. But it's just not maybe doing what it used to do. So I'm gonna release, probably, singles again. Like a 45, with two songs instead of putting out 13. Because it just isn't fair for the artist — you put out your songs, you download it and there's really nothing going on."

Criss added that he has been working with former MARILYN MANSON and current ROB ZOMBIE guitarist John 5, but offered no details about a possible release date for his next CD. "I wanna take my time with it," he said. "I'm constantly putting time into it. I want it to be heavier than I've usually done my stuff, and then I'll get, 'It's too heavy. You should go back and do light stuff.' Because fans are never happy. You guys aren't! No matter what we ever do, you're like, 'Oh, that sucks. I want this.' [Or] 'He's playing that ballad shit again.'"


December 1 : Ace Frehley to Cover Kiss Songs on Next Album
From :
Ace Frehley‘s upcoming album of cover songs will hold a special treat for his long-time fans — new takes on classic Kiss songs.

“Absolutely, I’m re-recording some Kiss tracks,” Frehley tells 100% Rock Magazine. “I believe I’m going to be doing ‘Parasite’; I’m not sure which other ones, you know, and some covers that I’ve always wanted to do that I haven’t done.”

‘Parasite’ was one of three songs written or co-written by Frehley for 1974′s ‘Hotter Than Hell,’ though he didn’t take his first lead vocal until ‘Shock Me‘ from 1977′s ‘Love Gun.’ Frehley also wrote ‘Cold Gin,’ ‘Getaway’ and ‘Strange Ways’ for Kiss, among others.

This new project, which follows Frehley’s well-received ‘Space Invader,’ is said to include a number of featured performers, including Slash, Lita Ford and Mike McCready of Pearl Jam.

“I’m going to get a lot of different guest stars to play with me on these tracks,” Frehley adds. “And it’s going to be a much easier record than this last one, because I don’t have to write solos, and I don’t have to write lyrics because they’re already set. So, that’s going to be another fun record for me, and I’m looking forward to that, you know, start tracking it out in between tours and what not.”

Read more at 100% Rock Magazine. : ACE FREHLEY INTERVIEW



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