NEWS UPDATE : September 2019

September 29 : BRUCE KULICK Joins Horror Icons COURTNEY GAINS And JOHN FRANKLIN On New 'Dreams In The Witch House' Track
Dreams in the Witch House : PenitentiaryFrom :
On September 23, 2019 "Dreams In The Witch House: Penitentiary" was released and offered as a
free download through October 31, 2019, Halloween. The track's musicians include former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick, guitarist Douglas Blair, cello sensation Tina Guo, MOTHER'S FINEST bassist Wyzard and EASY ACTION drummer Björn Höglund. Joining them on vocals are horror icons Courtney Gains ("Children Of The Corn", "The Burbs", "Tales From The Crypt") and John Franklin ("Children Of The Corn", "The Adams Family", "Childsplay").

Produced by Chris Laney of Danish metal band PRETTY MAIDS and executive producer Mike Dalager, the track commemorates the 35th anniversary of the release of Stephen King's "Children Of The Corn" and Bruce Kulick's first recording with KISS on "Animalize", where he played the ghost solo for Track 5, "Lonely Is The Hunter".

"Penitentiary" is a beefed up, cinematic version of the title track from 2013's Dreams In The Witch House: "A Lovecraftian Rock Opera" , an adaptation of HP Lovecraft's classic horror tale from 1932. The track also marks Kulick and Blair's seventh collaboration with the rock opera. In a previous interview Kulick noted, "When [Chris] approached me, along with Mike, about being involved I said, 'I'm in!' even though I don't know much about HP Lovecraft. But I know Chris understood what I'd be able to lend to the project."

Hollywood actors John Franklin and Courtney Gains, renowned for their iconic roles as child cult leader Isaac and henchman Malachai aren't known for their singing abilities. Executive producer Mike Dalager states: "They will blow you away with their vocal chops! John got his start in musical theater in Chicago and Courtney's an accomplished songwriter and singer who headlines his cruise grunge band RIPPLE STREET." John Franklin states, "My teenage dream of being a rock star is suddenly resurrected. And don't get me started on how friggin' amazing Mr. Gains is!"

Dreams In The Witch House: Penitentiary (digital single detail page)

September 25 : ERIC CARR’s 1999 Rockology Limited Color Vinyl LP
From :
Eric Carr’s 1999 album "Rockology" to debut on Extremely Limited Color Vinyl.
Presale starts October 12th at (details below image)

ERIC CARR : Rockology (Extremely Limited Color Vinyl)

The Rockologists, in conjunction with The Eric Carr Family and Bruce Kulick are proud to announce that "Rockology", formerly available only on CD will be available on presale Saturday October 12th in three exciting variations. There will be versions available for all levels of Eric Carr and Vinyl LP fans.

The Standard version will be pressed on Orange vinyl. In addition to all of the great demo’s from Eric Carr with assistance from Bruce Kulick, it will include a four page Booklet full of rare photos and liner notes, an exclusive hype sticker, Standard version Rockology card and an Eric Carr merchandise sheet. A bonus Rockheads collector card will be included in the shipping container. The standard version will sell for $28.99, and will be limited to only 500 copies.

While the Standard version will be an awesome addition to any Eric Carr fan’s collection, The Rockologists trademarked “RockRelix” versions are going to introduce a bonding level for fans and artists never before seen.

“RockRelix” Version One and Version Two will both be pressed on a stunning Orange, Black and Silver Starburst vinyl and will include a Custom OBI, custom hype sticker, four page Booklet full of rare photos and liner notes, a “RockRelix” version Rockology card specific to version one, a Rockheads collector card, and Eric Carr Merchandise sheet. Each of the two version will be limited to only 250 copies total.

In addition, Both “RockRelix” versions will include an extremely limited The Rockologists “RockRelix” card containing personal items owned by Eric Carr.

The Rockologists “RockRelix” Card Version I will contain an actual piece of the shirt that Eric Carr was last photographed in public wearing to the MTV Music Awards show. The fabric sample is authenticated by The Rockologists and Eric’s sister Loretta Carr. The hype sticker on Version I will specify the matching card contained inside.

The Rockologists “RockRelix” Card Version II will contain an actual slice of an Eric Carr KISS era rehearsal drumstick. The drumstick sample is authenticated by The Rockologists, Bruce Kulick and Eric’s sister Loretta Carr. The hype sticker on Version I will specify the matching card contained inside.

Randomly inserted in “RockRelix” Version One and Version Two will be three “RockRelix” Card Version III. These three chase cards will contain cut signatures of Paul Caravello. The Rockologists always provide 100% authenticated in person autographs in our releases, and these signatures authenticated by Lorretta Carr continue this tradition.

The costs for The Rockologists “RockRelix” Version One and Version Two LP’s will be $79.99 each. The Rockologists always strive to bring their customers the top value for their money.

A limited bundle will be available for the first day of sales. The bundle will include copies of The Standard version, “RockRelix” Version One, “RockRelix” Version Two, a promo 8x10 photo, and a Rockologists LP bag to hold all the items. The Bundle will be limited to 50 sets, which will only be available for the first 24 hours of the presale. Once 24 hours has elapsed any unsold bundle LP’s will be returned to inventory and will be available for individual sales. The bundles will sell for $179.99, the cost of the LP’s if purchased individually.

Exports outside of the USA will include multiple shipping choices for customers, including for the first time from The Rockologists, First class shipping. Customers choosing First Class shipping do so with the understanding they have no insurance or tracking. The Rockologists will not be responsible for uninsured or untrackable shipping choices customers make. That means a lower shipping cost for customers, but absolutely no refunds for lost or damaged shipment.

Shipping from the pressing plant is expected to occur in mid to late December. Please keep in mind that it is not likely that delivery can take place before Christmas.

ERIC CARR : Rockology (album detail page)

September 19 : PETER CRISS on upcoming RICHIE SCARLET single ??
From : Richie Scarlet (facebook)
Richie Scarlet is at DirtyBrook Studios today with Louie Spagnola and fresh from the stage of Madison Square Garden with Peter Frampton bass player supreme John Regan. Tracking my new single featuring a superstar HOOLIGAN on drums!
Stay tuned for more details!
I am super excited about my next single !!

September 19 : CASTLE BLAK's 4th KISS cover "Shout it out Loud"
From : KISS Related Recordings
On September 15, San Francisco based hard rock / glam rock band CASTLE BLAK have released a live CD entitled "One More Sin ....Live!". The triple-gatefold CD package is released independently (and limited to only 500 copies) and includes a temporary tattoo of the band’s “Babes In Toyland” 1985 album artwork.  The album was recorded February 18, 2017 during CASTLE BLAK’s reunion show at Dan’s Bar, Walnut Creek, CA, and features 12 songs that span the band 3 releases from 1985 to 1992. That day was the first time the band shared a stage together in over 25 years to do one, last and final live gig ….
The disc ends with the final song of the show, a cover of KISS’ “Shout It Out Loud”.

During the 80's & 90's CASTLE BLAK released three albums, which all contained a KISS cover version. Their cover of "Black Diamond" appeared on their 1985 debut release "Babes In Toyland," while their next album "Another Dark Carnival" featured a cover of "Do You Love Me."
In 2006 the band released a 3-CD, 45 song box set entitled "Glamour & Damnation: Greatest Hits And Dirty Little Secrets." The box set contains both KISS cover versions as well as a previously unreleased cover of "Let Me Go, Rock and Roll."
Prior to the 2006 release, KRR took the opportunity to do an
interview with Regent St. Claire, vocalist, rhythm guitarist and songwriter in 80's Glam Rock band CASTLE BLAK.

CASTLE BLAK "One More Sin... LIVE!" (2019)CASTLE BLAK "One More Sin... LIVE!" tracklist :
01.  Ten High
02.  Babes In Toyland
03.  Throw The Book
04.  Strangers Again
05.  I Know You’re A Bitch
06.  Ready, Willing & Able
07.  No Bed Of Roses
08.  The Hits Just Keep On Comin’
09.  Don’t Tell Me ‘Bout Your Boyfriend
10.  Sleep With The Angels
11.  Never Enough
12.  Shout It Out Loud (KISS cover)

US customers can order CASTLE BLAK 2019 live album on ebay from the links below :
01) "One More Sin... LIVE!" 
SIGNED CD + TATTOO / WITH Download Card: $ 21,-
02) "One More Sin... LIVE!" 
unsigned CD + TATTOO / WITH Download Card: $ 18,-
03) "One More Sin... LIVE!" 
SIGNED CD + TATTOO / NO Download: $ 15,-
04) "One More Sin... LIVE!" 
unsigned CD + TATTOO /NO Download: $ 12,-
05) "One More Sin... LIVE!" 
TATTOO + Download card only, NO CD: $ 10,- **

Non-U.S. customers who'd like to purchase the CD will need to contact the band first at for details & shipping costs, as this title is not being sold internationally through ebay at this time.

** NOTE : CASTLE BLAK "One More Sin... LIVE!" will not be available for purchase on iTunes or other digital streaming services. The band choose for a download card which package also contains the limited edition temporary tattoo.

CASTLE BLAK "One More Sin... LIVE!" album review
(by Jelle Jansen / KISS-Related-Recordings)
I want to take you back to the period of 1984 – 1985. It was just a few years before Glam, Sleaze or the Hair dayz became really big. After the success of Mötley Crüe and Quiet Riot, new bands like W.A.S.P., Icon, Kick Axe, Q5 were signed to big labels, to release their debut album. When their second album was released, most of these bands sounded more polished compared to their debut album. Around the same time many bands like Teeze (Party Hardy), Sin, Sweet Savage and (then Glam rockers) Pantera, released their (debut) albums or EP’s on an indie label, just like Castle Blak did in 1985 with their album “Babes In Toyland”. Back in the days I was the kind of music fan who bought these (US import) albums, simply because I knew that most of these bands were influenced by KISS and probably inspired by the success of Mötley Crüe, both my favorite bands at the time (and still are).
The cool part of this, that from the beginning of this website, many of these bands / musicians contacted me to inform me about their new releases or by simply saying “hello”, when they found out that they were listed at
One of these musicians was Regent St. Claire of Castle Blak halfway 2000’s. We stayed in contact and to my big surprise I received their recently released live album today.
From the moment I spinned the disc, I immediately got that smile on my face ...
With opener “Ten High” (which is also the first song on their debut album), it’s exactly what I’m trying to describe above …. It’s raw ‘n real, up-tempo (Motley’s “Live-Wire” like) unpolished glam rock. The riff of the second song “Babes In Toyland” (also from their debut) reminds me to a young Def Leppard. Also the rocker “Thow The Book” is from the first album which song would fit on Crüe’s debut album.
“Strangers Again” is a beautiful ballad from the 1992 Blak’s cassette album.
In “No Bed Of Roses” Regent St. Claire’s voice just sounds like Joey C. Jones.
An unexpected surprise to me is the slow and close to dark grunge sounding song “I Know You’re A Bitch”, which song still doesn’t sound like Soundgarden or whatever, it’s just a good bass driven and grooving song.
With a title as “Ready, Willing and Able” you can’t go wrong with me, a sing along Party Rocker from their debut album again. 1992’s “No Bed Of Roses” is another up tempo rocker and could be an AOR-ish song, but Castle Blak still keeps it sounding rough and it features a great solo. If that song was released during late 80’s it could have been MTV hit. The mid-tempo “The Hits Just Keep On Comin' “ sounds like 70’s KISS, with various KISS inspired bridges and Ace Frehley like lead guitar.
The funny “Don’t Tell Me About Your Boyfriend” sounds a bit like the New York Dolls. “Sleeping With The Angels” is a kind of ballad, but still performed that raw compared to most regular 80’s Rock ballads, and again this song reminds me to Joey C. Jones voice … The regular show ends with the band’s hit single (which wasn’t, because it wasn’t polished enough) “Never Enough” from their debut disc, but hell, it’s still a Hit to me. In some way it’s so catchy that my wife thought it's a cover song, but believe it or not, it’s still written by Castle Blak’s Regent St. Claire)
As an encore the live album ends with a cover of KISS’ “Shout It Out Loud” …
Overall, don’t expect a smooth produced live-album, with Castle Blak’s “One More Sin … Live !” you get pure rough ‘n raw 80’s Glam / Hard Rock as it was meant to be, just like their 3 albums as released between 1985 and 1992 …..

September 18 : Desmond Child to release Live album October 25
From : Desmond Child
On October 25, Grammy-winning and Emmy nominated songwriter-producer Desmond Child will release DESMOND CHILD LIVE on BMG, a new live album showcasing his global mega-hits recorded at Feinstein’s/54 Below in New York City. Chronicling his monumental career, Child takes the stage with his dynamic band and featured guests as they perform his biggest songs including “Livin’ On A Prayer,” “You Give Love A Bad Name,” “I Was Made For Lovin’ You,” “Dude Looks Like A Lady,” and “Livin’ La Vida Loca.”

DESMOND CHILD LIVEOver the past five decades of #1 hits, Desmond Child has had more than eighty Billboard Top 40 singles to his credit which have sold over 500 million records worldwide in addition to downloads, YouTube views and streaming plays in the billions. From Aerosmith to Zedd, Child continues to fill the airwaves with genre-defying mega-star collaborations including KISS, Bon Jovi, Cher, Joan Jett, Alice Cooper, Michael Bolton, Ricky Martin, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Garth Brooks, Meat Loaf, Sia, Cyndi Lauper, Christina Aguilera and most recently Barbra Streisand.

DESMOND CHILD LIVE will be available October 25 on CD, download and streaming services.

DESMOND CHILD LIVE track listing:

01. Livin’ On A Prayer
02. You Give Love A Bad Name / Dude Looks Like A Lady (feat. Justin Benlolo)
03. Angel
04. I Was Made For Lovin’ You (feat. Justin Benlolo)
05. I Hate Myself For Loving You (feat. Lena Hall)
06. Weird
07. Where Do I Go From You (feat. Tabitha Fair)
08. How Can We Be Lovers (feat. Justin Benlolo)
09. We All Sleep Alone (feat. Tabitha Fair)
10. Love On A Rooftop (feat. Rouge with Maria Vidal, Myriam Valle & Diana Grasselli)
11. The Cup of Life / Livin’ La Vida Loca / Shake Your Bon Bon / She Bangs
12. You Want To Make A Memory


September 12 : Lipstick Generation covers Eric Carr's "Eyes Of Love"
From : KISS Related Recordings
Nashville, TN based hard rock band
LIPSTICK GENERATION have released a video for their cover of Eric Carr‘s “Eyes of Love.” The cover song is not yet released in physical format, but will (probably) appear on the band's third album.
The Eric Carr, Bruce Kulick, Adam Mitchell written song "Eyes Of Love", was one of the four songs Eric Carr brought to KISS "Hot In The Shade" sessions. The Eric Carr demo of the song is eventually released in 1999 on the CD album "


September 6 : New found KISS 1975 - 1976 cover versions
From : KISSfaq / KISS Related Recordings
It is be known that the Finnish Punk Rockers
DEAD END 5 (probably) was the first band who recorded a cover of a KISS song. Their 1976 debut album "Dead Ends" features a cover version of "Let me Go Rock 'n Roll", which song is in Finnish, entitled "WC-Paperi-75".

More recently an interesting discussion started at
KISSfaq forum to find out what's the earliest cover of a KISS song to appear on a record or cassette, which resulted in two more 1975 and 1976 'discoveries'. Both are compilation albums of then-current top 40 hits as recorded by unknown artists. These types of releases were common at the time.

In 1975 the
C.B. Radio Music Ensemble covered "Rock 'n Roll All Nite" which version appeared on the LP "Convoy 20 Of Today's Hits", as released by Homestead Records in the USA and Canada.

In 1976 the
GMC Pick Hit Artists covered "Hard Luck Woman" which version appeared on an 8-track tape entitled "Super Rock", as released by Charlotte North Carolina label  Fantastic F.

GMC Pick Hit Artists GMC Pick Hit Artists
GMC Pick Hit Artists


September 6 : Bruce Kulick guests on  VELVET INSANE album
From : VELVET INSANE / Bruce Kulick
Last June Bruce Kulick recorded some guitar pieces for a song entitled "Ready For a Brand New Start" by Swedish Rockers VELVET INSANE.

Currently the band is in studio working on their new album. According to gthe band Bruce Kulick is helping in many different ways with both the band and the record.

VELVET INSANE is a rock band from north of Sweden centered around Jesper Lindgren - guitar and Jonas Eriksson - vocals.


last update : 2019-09-30

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