NEWS UPDATE : October 2020

October 30: EAST TEMPLE AVENUE album featuring Bruce Kulick
From : Kiss Related Recordings
EAST TEMPLE AVENUE : Both Sides of Midnight (2020)On 27 German label AOR Heaven will release EAST TEMPLE AVENUE 's debut album "Both Sides of Midnight".
Bruce Kulick plays lead guitar on the song "My Last Breath".
An early version of "My Last Breath" (also featuring Bruce Kulick) was released July 2018 as a digital single by The Darren Phillips Project. EAST TEMPLE AVENUE re-recorded the song for the "Both Sides Of Midnight" 2020 album, with keeping Bruce Kulick's original lead guitar of the 2018 version.

The album is one of Darren Phillips's projects, who
recently have released a CD single of the Paul Stanley / Jean Beauvoir penned song "Best Man For You".

From :
In 2017, guitarist/songwriter/producer Darren Phillips hosted a melodic rock radio show in his native homeland of Australia. Throughout the lifetime of the show, Darren conversed with many artists from across the melodic rock world and inevitably the conversation turned to songwriting and collaboration. These conversations spawned Volume One of The Darren Phillips Project and an ongoing friendship/collaboration between all involved.

In 2018 Phillips approached to bass player Dennis Butabi Borg (Cruzh), lead guitarist Philip Lindstrand (Find Me, Arkado) and drummer Herman Furin (Work of Art) with the idea of doing an entire album together and actually forming a studio band. Phillips’ longtime friend and producing partner Dan Skeed (Urban Stone), would also come along for the ride, which left the essential position of lead vocals to be filled.

For Phillips, having previously worked with Robbie LaBlanc (Find Me, Blanc Faces) on two other occasions, the American was the first and only choice. Fortunately, LaBlanc agreed and the EAST TEMPLE AVENUE line-up was complete.

Working in their respective studios, in Australia, Sweden and the USA, the band started the songwriting and recording process, which would then make its way to Phillips’ and Skeed’s Sydney-based studios Skeed Music, for mixing and mastering.

The first single ‘When I’m With You’ was released in May 2019 to much critical acclaim, and its follow-up ‘Don’t Make Believe’, made several ‘Songs of the Year’ lists when it was released in October 2019 and attracted the attention of well-respected German label AOR Heaven, with whom the band signed a publishing deal with in April 2020.

The band having never been in the same room together, of course, have the ultimate goal to meet, perform and record together. EAST TEMPLE AVENUE have spent 2020 hard at work completing the ten tracks that appear on their debut album, ‘Both Sides of Midnight’ which will be released on November 27th, 2020.

EAST TEMPLE AVENUE : Both Sides of Midnight (album details)

October 29 : "Unite Together" by Patrick James and The Family Jam feat. Bruce Kulick, Tod Howarth, Richie Scarlet and Sandy Gennaro
From : Kiss Related Recordings (Norman Huizinga / Bruce Kulick)
On August 28, 2020 the PATRICK JAMES BAND have released their latest digital single 'Unite Together' as Patrick James and The Family Jam.
The song features Bruce Kulick on lead guitar, Tod Howarth (Frehley's Comet) on vocals and guitar, Richie Scarlet (Ace Frehley) on lead guitar and vocals, and Sandy Gennaro (
BLACKJACK) on drums, among others.

Patrick James is better known as Pat Gasperini of the band
FOUR BY FATE, which band features Frehley's Comet members Tod Howarth and John Regan.
Four By Fate released one album in 2016 entitled "Relentless".

"Unite Toghether" is released as digital
download available at and Spotify.

PATRICK JAMES BAND - Unite Together(song details)

October 24 : Peter Criss Casablanca post-KISS CD reissues coming
From : KissFaq (Julian Gill)
Coming December 09, 2020 [Limited Low-priced Reissue]

Peter Criss' first two post-KISS solo albums:

Peter Criss 1980 album : Out of Control (UMe UICY-79415) >>
KRR album details  <<

Peter Criss 1982 album : Let Me Rock You (UMe UICY-79416) >>
KRR album details  <<

[Resurrection of hard-to-find editions !! HR / HM 1000 2nd edition]
The long-awaited 2nd edition! HR / HM 1000 campaign. Suddenly released for a limited time at an ultra-low price of 1,000 yen (excluding tax)! The 2nd solo album released by Peter Criss (ds, vo) after leaving KISS. A pop and catchy hard rock sound.

Peter Criss -Out Of Control (1980 - Japan CD reissue 2020)   Peter Criss - Let me Rock You (1982 - Japan CD reissue 2020)

October 23 : Darren Phillips cover of unreleased Paul Stanley song "Best Man For You" CD single and video released today.
From : Melodicrock Records
MR Records are extremely excited to announce that The Darren Phillips Project have released their latest single ‘Best Man For You’ from the upcoming album Volume Two, today.

Featuring Rob Wylde (Midnite City) on lead vocals, Dennis Butabi Borg (Cruzh) on bass guitar, Patrik Svard (Sapphire Eyes) on lead guitar and Jon Powers (Frozen Tears) on keys, "Best Man For You" is an unreleased song from KISS front man Paul Stanley.
Recorded back in 1989 for a proposed second solo album, the demo was never officially released, but has become a cult favourite amongst the Starchild’s fans worldwide.

All involved were thrilled to bring this classic Stanley track to life and hope the man himself approves of their version.

Best Man for You will be available everywhere digitally and also a part of a Very Limited Edition CD single release, which has an amazing acoustic version by Rob Wylde of the Paul Stanley Song "Wouldn't You Like to Know Me"



October 9: CHRIS MANNING 'Destination' album featuring Bruce Kulick
From : Roxx Records
NoLifeTilMetal Records is proud to announce the signing of Dallas guitarist, songwriter, and session player Chris Manning as well as the release of his new album “Destination” due out November 11th.
CHRIS MANNING - Destination (2020)
Dallas guitarist Chris Manning (Dvinity, Chris Manning Band, The Zeppelin Project) returns November 11th with his new album “Destination” featuring 11 new AOR, melodic rock songs combining Manning’s signature guitar style with the talents of Hollywood vocalist extraordinaire Chris Hodges (Neptune Blue, In The End: Linkin Park tribute).
Manning and Hodges collaborate on a wide range of tracks covering many different styles including “Start Over Now”, a stand-out track in the melodic hard rock genre that features the guitar wizardry of legendary KISS/Grand Funk guitarist Bruce Kulick. In addition to his contributions to one track, Bruce Kulick was also the album’s creative consultant.

Joining Manning & Hodges are UK session pro drummer Max Salidi and ace UK studio bassist Dan Hawkins who provide a top-flight rhythm section for Manning’s melodic guitar and Hodge’s intense, dynamic vocals. Special guests include legendary KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick, vocalist Chandler Mogel (Outloud, Punky Meadows (Angel), Pareidolia), bassist Rick Read (Herd of Instincts, David Gallegos, The Zeppelin Project), and songwriter Tim Beamguard (Highway 31).

As an artist with a wide-variety of musical tastes, Chris Manning’s music remains difficult to categorize. His versatile guitar style balances technique and melody appealing to fans of Alice in Chains, Led Zeppelin, George Lynch, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, KISS, and King’s X. In addition to “Destination”, Manning has released four guitar-oriented albums spanning multiple genres and was featured in Guitar Player magazine (Dec 2008). He is also a founding member of The Zeppelin Project, one of the top Zeppelin tributes in Texas.

Check out the brand new debut single and video “Start Over Now” featuring special guest Bruce Kulick.

CHRIS MANNING - Destination (album details)

October 9: MARCEESE 8th KISS cover album "Rocket Ride" released
From : Kiss Related Recordings
Today Berlin based guitarist and singer MARCEESE have released his 8th KISS cover CD entitled "Rocket Ride" via Timezone Records.
MARCEESE - Rocket Ride (2020)
Track list :
01. Tonight You Belong To Me
02. Rocket Ride
03. Hooligan
04. You Matter To Me
05. Wouldn't You Like To Know Me
06. Hold Me, Touch Me
07. I Can't Stop The Rain
08. Deuce
09. Nothin' To Lose
10. Take Me Away (Together As One)

Get your copy at

Special Covid-19 offer: buy 4 CD’s at pay 3 !

MARCEESE - Rocket Ride (album details)

October 2 : Warrior Soul 2020 cover album features 2 KISS songs
From :
WARRIOR SOUL will release a covers album called "Cocaine And Other Good Stuff" on November 13 via Livewire/Cargo Records. The LP will be preceded by a single, "Elected", on October 9.

"Cocaine And Other Good Stuff" is an incendiary compilation of songs that everyone in the band, both current and previous members, had some input choosing, and it shows true honesty in the recordings, making it a fresh take on some very listenable rock jams.

Says singer Kory Clarke: "We wanted to make a record that was not about all the crap we are all living in, as it seems like a well-worn path for. So, I had to think out of the box."

The album was recorded all over the western world (Edinburgh, Scotland; Newcastle, England, Copenhagen, Denmark; Los Angeles; New York; Chicago; Detroit; Sheffield, England; Costa Blanca, Torrevieja, Spain) in home studios.

Track listing:
WARRIOR SOUL : Cocaine And Other Good Stuff
01. Good Times Roll (Ocasek)
02. Cocaine (Cale)
03. Crosstown Traffic (Hendrix)
04. Cold Gin (Frehley)
05. D.O.A. (Van Halen, Van Halen, Anthony, Roth)
06. Elected (Cooper, Buxton, Bruce, Dunaway, Smith)
07. Outlaw (Kilmister, Campbell, Dee)
08. Firehouse (Stanley)
09. Get Down Tonight (Casey, Finch)
10. We're An American Band (Brewer)
11. Living After Midnight (Halford, Downing, Tipton)

The idea for a covers album started when Clarke was contacted by legendary rock photographer, Alex Ruffini's brother, enquiring if WARRIOR SOUL would record a cover of a KISS song, which was Alex Ruffini's favorite band, for a tribute in aid of cancer research. WARRIOR SOUL recorded "Cold Gin". Once the band started recording, it sounded really positive and they decided to assemble a complete record of covers ranging from MOTÖRHEAD to KC AND THE SUNSHINE BAND.

Says Clarke: "I contacted many of the musicians who have played with WARRIOR SOUL recently and asked if they wanted to be part of it. Everyone was very much up for it and ready to go. We called John Dryland at Livewire/Cargo Records, and he said, 'Of course, go for it. The irony of recording 'Good Times Roll' during a global pandemic really works as you can hear the sneer of sarcasm right through every chorus."

WARRIOR SOUL is known for recording some electrifying covers previously, including songs by JOY DIVISION, Iggy Pop and David Bowie. Kory Clarke has performed on several compilation and tribute albums singing other acts songs but this is the first complete album of its kind from WARRIOR SOUL.

October 1 : DAVID ELLEFSON cover album features KISS' "Beth"
From :
ELLEFSON, the solo band of MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson, will release its covers album, "No Cover", on November 20 via earMUSIC (Europe) and Ward Records (Japan). The effort will be made available in conjunction with Ellefson's revived Combat Records, which will issue the album in North America via Amped.

ELLEFSON has cited some unexpected medical situations for pushing back the "No Cover" release date by more than a month. Vocalist/co-producer Thom Hazaert states: "There's no easy way to say it, but in July, right in the middle of recording the album, I had massive heart failure and went into full cardiac arrest. My heart literally stopped for several minutes, and I was revived at the hospital. There was a long recovery, but we managed to finish the record, and secure amazing deals with our friends at earMUSIC and Ward, but obviously we had to revisit our timeline a bit. And literally, maybe a month and a half later we were in Los Angeles, at Al's house, shooting the video for 'Auf Wiedersehen'. I'm just extremely humbled and thankful to be here to be able to, not only, finish this incredible record, but be able to see it released worldwide with incredible label partners, which really almost wasn't the case."

He adds: "Originally we had envisioned 'No Cover' as a smaller, limited-release 'quarantine project' we were doing for fun with a bunch of our friends, really just to not have to release our studio album during the pandemic. But as it neared completion, and we really got to see what it was turning into, we realized it was worthy of so much more. I have a long history and friendship with Max at earMUSIC, and they are an incredible label, and home to some of our favorite artists, and friends — ALICE COOPER, DEF LEPPARD, and more — and we are ecstatic to be able to partner with them for not only this release, but future ELLEFSON releases as well. Ward had already released 'Sleeping Giants' for us last year in Japan, and we had secured a deal with them for our upcoming 2021 studio album, so it was a natural fit when we went to them with the idea of partnering with us on 'No Cover'."

Adds Ellefson: "It really was a crazy, whirlwind process, not only making such an involved album so fast, but also remotely, during a pandemic, with not only dozens of guests, but the entire band, spread around the globe. And then almost losing our singer in the middle of it. But at the end of the day, it turned out better than any of us had hoped, and really was one of the most fun records I've ever made. It's been great to pull so many great and positive things out of 2020, despite all the challenges."

Produced by Ellefson and Hazaert, with additional production by guitarist Andy Martongelli and Matt LaPlant (NONPOINT, SKINDRED, LIL' JON), mixed by Alessio Garavello, and mastered by Maor Appelbaum (FAITH NO MORE), "No Cover" includes ELLEFSON-ized versions of 19 classic tracks from MOTÖRHEAD, W.A.S.P., DEF LEPPARD, CHEAP TRICK, QUEEN, JUDAS PRIEST, TWISTED SISTER, FASTWAY, FIGHT, DEAD KENNEDYS and more. Featuring cover art by Melody Myers (ALTITUDES AND ATTITUDE, ESCAPE THE FATE), an homage to the legendary DEF LEPPARD debut "On Through The Night", "No Cover" is the second release under the ELLEFSON banner, the follow-up to 2019's "Sleeping Giants", a double-disc compilation combining new tracks, with unreleased Ellefson solo and F5 material.

ELLEFSON, featuring Ellefson on bass, vocalist Thom Hazaert, guitarists Andy Martongelli and Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (SONS OF APOLLO, YES, ex-GUNS N' ROSES), and drummer Paolo Caridi, are joined on the album by a who's who of legendary guests including Charlie Benante (ANTHRAX), Eddie Ojeda (TWISTED SISTER), Brandon Yeagley (CROBOT), Dirk Verbeuren (MEGADETH), Frank Hannon and Troy Lucketta (TESLA), Mark Slaughter, Jason McMaster (DANGEROUS TOYS, ex-WATCHTOWER, EVIL UNITED), Greg Handevidt (KUBLAI KHAN, ex-MEGADETH), Chuck Behler (ex-MEGADETH), Gus G., John Aquilino (ICON), Doro Pesch, Dave McClain (SACRED REICH, ex-MACHINE HEAD), Dave Alvin (WHITE TRASH), Todd Kerns (SLASH FEATURING MYLES KENNEDY AND THE CONSPIRATORS, Andrew Freeman (LAST IN LINE), Jacob Bunton (Mick Mars), Al Jourgensen (MINISTRY), Russ Parrish (FIGHT), DEAD BY WEDNESDAY, and more.

Track listing:

Disc one:
01. Freewheel Burning (JUDAS PRIEST)
02. Tear It Loose (TWISTED SISTER)
03. Love Me Like A Reptile (MOTÖRHEAD)
04. Holiday in Cambodia (DEAD KENNEDYS)
05. Rebel Yell (BILLY IDOL)
06. Wasted (DEF LEPPARD)
07. Riff Raff (AC/DC)
08. Nailed To The Gun (FIGHT)
10. Auf Wiedersehen (CHEAP TRICK)

Disc two:

01. L.O.V.E. Machine (W.A.S.P.)
02. Love Hurts (NAZARETH)
03. Eat The Rich (KROKUS)
04. Sheer Heart Attack (QUEEN)
05. Over The Mountain (OZZY OSBOURNE)
06. Sweet FA (SWEET)
07. Beth (KISS)

last update : 2020-10-31

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