SATIN - A Million To One
A Million To One

Released (for free download from 2005 to) : 2006
Producer : Satin
Time : 48:02
Extra bonus tracks circulating on the internet : 25:52

01 Easy As It Seems (3:17)
02 Nowhere To Run (4:28)
03 It's Allright (Ol' 45 mix) (3:34)
04 Reason To Live (4:07)
05 Mr. Speed (3:54)
06 Mr. Make Believe (3:57) 
07 Creatures Of The Night (3:48)
08 Shandi (3:28)
09 Hard Luck Woman (2:56)
10 Goin' Blind (3:52) 
11 A Million To One (4:25) 
12 I'm A Legend Tonight (3:16)
13 Kiss Medley (3:49) 
Extra bonus tracks circulating on the internet
14 Tears Are Falling (4:33)
15 Hide Your Heart (3:44)
16 C'mon and Love Me (3:05) 
17 Ladies Room (3:02)
18 Gypsy In Her Eyes (3:02) Vinnie Vincent cover version
19 The Magic Kiss Medley * (5:06)
20 It's Allright (Punk Rock vs) (2:45)

* Track 19 taken from the album :
Gods Of Thunder - A Norwegian Tribute To Kiss" (2005)

Norway : independent label - free download only 

musicians :
Satin (all instruments)

Produced, Recorded, Engineered, (re)arranged and Mixed by Satin, 
Satin Studio, Oslo, Norway.

Extra NOTES from Steinar Lindberg (aka Glazzman) (July 2009) :
The Satin recordings first started out when he was just playing around one day, out of boredom, as he said.  The first thing he recorded was a Kiss medley.

I (Steinar Lindberg) told him to put the medley out on the Norwegian Kiss Army Forum, because I thought it was brilliant. 
He hesitated for a few weeks, being ridiculously modest about the whole thing, but he finally did it. It turned out to be a huge success amongst the people on the forum, and I told him to do another song, just to keep the fire burning, so to speak.
The medley can be found in three different versions, and itís the third one, The Magic Kiss Medley, which ended up on the official Tribute release called ""
Gods Of Thunder - A Norwegian Tribute To Kiss" in 2005.
Satin recorded "A Million To One" and "Iím A Legend Tonight", and the people were even more impressed. 
As the recordings piled up, he sent them to me and I posted them consecutively. 
After a while he had recorded, and I had posted all the songs listed on this page (see titles above). Many of them by request from the people on the board.

Since the songs were so well received in Norway, I thought Iíd post them on the KISSfaq forum as well. I also posted them on the Ėsite, and they got really good reviews on both sites.

The album cover was made by another guy on the forum, nick-named Cusano, for people to print out when or if they would burn their own CD.

Extra NOTES from KRR :

"A Million To One" is a very interesting well produced Tribute to KISS, especially because most songs got a new arrangement, for example Satin's version of "Creatures Of The Night" sounds like a Desmond Child penned song; "Hard Luck Woman" turned in to piano ballad; while "Goin' Blind" ended up as an uptempo kind of country song ...

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