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GENE SIMMONS Related Recordings

Various (unreleased) demo tracks

1968 - 1970 ; Gene Simmons Publishing Tape (and Bullfrog Bheer demo's) 
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1973 - 1974 ; Gene Simmons / Kiss  - demo's 
It's not clear if the songs listed were simply written, demoed or processed by Simmons.
01 Mistake (1974) (0:00) Simmons
02 From Where You Belong  (0:00) Simmons
03 Two Bits  (0:00) Simmons
04 Girl Who Makes People Smile  (0:00) Simmons
05 All It Takes  (0:00) Simmons
06 Dreamer  (0:00) Simmons
07 Got To Give Me More  (0:00) Simmons
08 She'll Do It Again  (0:00) Simmons

1974 ; Gene Simmons demo's (during " Hotter Than Hell ")
NOTE : titles of Gene Simmons written and possible demoed songs
01 Mad Dog (early version) (0:00) Simmons
02 Too Young  (0:00) Simmons
03 Red Nails  (0:00) Simmons
04 High and Low  (early version) (0:00) Simmons
05 Got No Pity  (0:00) Simmons
06 Ladies In Waiting  (early version) (0:00) Simmons
07 Reputation (unknown version)  (0:00) Simmons
08 Great Expectations (early version) (0:00) Simmons
09 Into The Void (0:00) Simmons     (probably a title only)
10 Mr. Miracle (0:00) Simmons     (probably a title only)
11 Kansas City Kitty (0:00) Simmons     (probably a title only)
12 Lady's Blisters (0:00) Simmons     (probably a title only)
13 Non-Stop Express (0:00) Simmons     (probably a title only)
14 Little Preserve Us (0:00) Simmons     (probably a title only)
15 Blood and Guts (0:00) Simmons     (probably a title only)

1974/1975 ; Gene Simmons demo's
NOTE : titles written during "Hotter Than Hell Tour"
Track 02 /03 : simply words Gene Simmons liked as possible song titles
01 Drive Me Wild (demoed) (0:00) Simmons
02 Svengali  (0:00) Simmons
03 Starry Eyed  (0:00) Simmons

1975 ; Gene Simmons demo's
NOTE : titles written which are not necessarily demoed, except for title 07 - 09 which are just song titles, not necessarily written or demoed.
01 Always Near You (0:00) Simmons
02 Back Where You Belong  (0:00) Simmons
03 Two Bits  (0:00) Simmons
04 All It Takes  (0:00) Simmons
05 Daddy Longlegs  (0:00) Simmons
06 She One Of The Boys  (0:00) Simmons
07 Seduction Of The Innocent  (0:00) Simmons     (song title and riff)
08 Dressed To Kill  (0:00) Simmons
09 Wet And Wild  (0:00) Simmons

1975 ; Gene Simmons demo's (details unknown)
NOTE : track 01 would be reworked by Gene Simmons to become "Great Expectations".
01 You've Got Nothing To Live For (0:00) Simmons

1975 - 1976 ; Gene Simmons / Kiss - various demo's 
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1977 ; Gene Simmons  -  various demo's 
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1978 ; Gene Simmons  -  various demo's
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1979 ; Gene Simmons  -  various demo's (demo'ed with VIRGIN)
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1978 - 1981 ; Gene Simmons  -  various demo's 
There are quite a number of different versions of “Feel Like Heaven”.
The first 2 versions are demoed in 1978 - 1979, which circulated in fan circles (bootleg albums) for decades. Track 02 appeared on
The Vault (disc 11).
The demo features Gene Simmons on bass and a children’s synthesizer.
At the beginning of 1981 Gene Simmons would record a version of this song, at primarily Ace Frehley’s home -studio (Ace In The Hole) with overdubs being added at Penny Lane Studios in New York City, before that album sessions transformed into “The Elder” project.
In 1982 the song appeared on
PETER CRISS’ 1982 “Let Me Rock You” album. According to “The Vault” book, during the eighties Gene Simmons also re-recorded the song with Bruce Kulick and Eric Carr which version was less dancey, less R &B and more rock.
01 Feel Like Heaven (piss flaps vs) (1:57) Simmons
02 Feel Like Heaven (The Vault vs) (3:07) Simmons
03 Feel Like Heaven (Ace In The Hole) (7:06) Simmons
04 Feel Like Heaven (Penny Lane demo) (7:06) Simmons
05 Reputation  (2:52) Simmons

Gene Simmons - various demo-tracks (dates unknown)
(Gene Simmons singing, used drums is a drumtrack by Eric Carr)
01 Reputation (different version) (0:00) Simmons/Weissman

1982 -1983  ; Gene Simmons  - various demo's 
Track 01 : written by Gene Simmons and Mikel Japp. 
Additional details unknown, but published via BMI.

Track 02 : written by Gene Simmons, Mikel Japp and Mitch Weissman. 
Two versions of this demo song do exist, one has Gene laughing at the beginning of the song. The guitar riff on "It's Gonna Be Allright" is played by Mitch Weissman, and later used on "Reason for Living" (1985 and 1992 demo-versions).
01 Eye Of The Storm (1982) (0:00) Simmons/Japp
02 It's Gonna Be Alright (1982 - 1983) (4:27) Simmons/Japp/Weissman

1983 ; Gene Simmons  -  demo's offered to British band HEAVY PETTIN'
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1983 ; Gene Simmons (Kiss)  -  Lick it Up demo's
Track 01 : Demoed by Gene Simmons around the "Lick It Up" sessions.
Gene Simmons would give the song to Keel to record for "
The Right To Rock" 1985 album and it would be used with different lyrics.
01 So Many Girls, So Little Time (2:31) Simmons / Howard Rice

1984 ; Gene Simmons (Kiss)  -  Animalize demo's
Track 01 : 2 different versions are demoed, all vocals and instruments played by Mitch Weissman except the drums, which is Eric Carr's drum track from "Lick It Up".
Both versions are finished demos that contain different melodies on the chorus. 
This song is an early version of "Easier Said Than Done" , as recorded by Keel for "
The Right To Rock" 1985 album.
Track 02 : An unfinished demo, which completed version ended up as "Get Down" on  Keel's  "
The Right To Rock" album.
01 Sooner Said Than Done (0:00) Simmons / Mitch Weissman
02 Keep Your Tail Between Your Legs (3:44) Simmons / Howard Rice

1985 ; Gene Simmons  -  "Never To Young To Die" movie concert scene
Track 01 :
used in a concert scene in the movie "Never To Young To Die" starring Gene Simmons. The song was based on an old Wayne County song "It Takes A Man Like Me To Find A Woman Like Me", which he/she performed live with the band Queen Elizabeth (1972).
01 It Takes A Man Like Me To Be A Woman Like Me

1985 ;  Gene Simmons (Kiss) -  Asylum demo's 
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1987 ; Gene Simmons  -  E-Z-O  demo's
Track 01 and 02 : Both tracks co-
written by Gene Simmons E-Z-O during pre-production for the album.
01 Heart Beats Harder (instrumental) (0:00) E-Z-O / Simmons
02 Predictable (instrumental) (0:00) E-Z-O / Simmons

1988 - 1989 ; Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley
Prior KISS' "Hot In The Shade" album recording sessions Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley wrote a song together entitled "Hot Lips" for
Ace Frehley's upcoming album ("Trouble Walkin' "), which is confirmed by Ace Frehley in 1989. According to Gene Simmons a very heavy tune ....
01 Hot Lips (0:00) Simmons / Frehley

TOMMY THAYER - Wet Engine : Kerrang UK magazine #227 February 19891989 : Wet Engine
Scan on the right :
News flash taken from Kerrang UK magazine #227 February 1989.

BLACK 'n BLUE split in March 1989. Tommy Thayer started working on American Man whilst the others put together Wet Engine. By the summer of 1989 it was reported that Wet Engine would be released on Simmons Records in November 1989, but this didn't happen. American Man lead into Harlow. (thanks to Richard Buffett for final details)

1988 - 1989 ; Gene Simmons  "Hot In The Shade" demo's
A final version of track 03 ended up on
DORO's 1990 album, which was produced by Gene Simmons.
01 Street Legal (version 1) (3:28) Simmons
02 Street Legal (version 2) (3:50) Simmons
03 Something Wicked This Way Comes (5:35) Simmons

1988 - 1989 ; Gene Simmons with Lita Ford demo
"Rotten To The Core" has been a song title that Gene Simmons has messed around with for decades. An early 1975/6 version surfaced following the Kiss Butterfields auction, though while it never made it on to a Kiss album Gene didn't let the lyric go. 
In 1989 it was purported that the title would appear on the band's "Hot In The Shade" album, since Gene and Bruce Kulick had worked on the song (Gene used the lyric on his "Nobody's Perfect" demo around 1984/5). 
Bruce felt that the song was wrong for Kiss' sort of attitude at the time and it was dropped from consideration for the album. Gene continued to try and place the song with other artists, without success, and he recorded another version of the song with members of Silent Rage in 1991. The song was considered again for Kiss' "Psycho Circus" album in 1998, and has been mentioned by Gene as a candidate for the 2009 "Sonic Boom" album.

Lita Ford  (vocals, guitars)
Bruce Kulick  (guitars)
Gene Simmons  (bass,  percussion)
Rodger Carter  (drums, percussion)
Produced by Gene Simmons.
(thanks to Julian Gill / KissFaq for detailed liner notes. 

In 2016 this version of "Rotten To The Cure" appeared on Lita Ford's "Time Capsule" album.
01 Rotten To The Core (4:14) Simmons / Lita Ford

1991 - 1992 ; Gene Simmons with Silent Rage - various demo's 
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1992 ; Gene Simmons  -  Bob Dylan  demo
One day, Gene called Bob Dylan as he wanted to write a song with the legendary musician. Dylan came over to Gene’s house and came up with a chordal pattern pretty quick. Gene came up with the rest and a few weeks later he finished the entire arrangement, which sounded like a Traveling Wilburys tune. Gene demo’d the music with Tommy Thayer and two other musicians. When he ran into Dylan again on tour, he asked him to write the lyrics but Dylan said Gene should write the lyrics himself. So, Gene came up with the lyrics and claimed: “The lyrics are okay, but they sure ain’t Dylan.” 
When Bag heard Gene’s demo, he came up with a different arrangement, to finally release the song as " Waiting For The Morning Light " on Gene Simmons "Asshole" 2004 solo album.
01 Laughing When I Want To Cry (0:00) Gene Simmons / Bob Dylan

1993 - 1994 ; Gene Simmons  -  various demo's 
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1997 - 1998  ;  Gene Simmons (Kiss)  - Psycho Circus demo's
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2002 ; "Speaking In Tongues" ; various demo's
Gene Simmons previewed an assortment of demo samples during his Australian Speaking Tour in 2002...
01 Sweet & Dirty (0:00) Simmons
02 You're My Reason For Living (0:00) Simmons
03 I Am Yours (0:00) Simmons
04 Carnival Of Souls (0:00) Simmons / Scott Van Zen

2002 ; Gene Simmons ; various demo's
Track 01 demoed April 2002 presumably with Gene Simmons on lead vocals.
Track 02 demoed May 2002 presumably with Gene Simmons on lead vocals.
Both tracks were songtitles mentioned by Gene Simmons that he was working on at the time.
01 Wait (0:00) Simmons
02 All The Kids With Painted Faces (0:00) Simmons

2003 ; Gene Simmons - Matt McCormack session
In 2002 Matt McCormack released his album "Here We Go Again" which features the song "Pride". When Gene Simmons heard the CD , he really liked the song "Pride".
He ended up buying the song from Matt McCormack, and flying down to Austin to record it at the Slaughterhouse Studio, May 2003. 
Gene Simmons took Matt's lead vocals off, and putting his lead vocal on the track. 
He also wrote a new verse or lines in it too. The song is to be featured in the box set "Monster (100 unreleased songs) Gene Simmons".
Gene Simmons and Matt McCormack also worked on a couple of other songs and ideas.
01 Pride (3:02) Simmons/M.McCormack/Stax/R. Carter 

2003 ; Gene Simmons 
June 2003, the song "Looking Out The Window" was mentioned for inclusion on Gene Simmons "Asshole" 2004 solo album. It's not clear whether this song was discarded or simply re-titled.
01 Looking Out The Window (0:00) Simmons

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Audio Samples 

So Many Girls, So Little Time 



Keep Your Tail Between Your Legs


(1988 - 1990)

Street Legal (Intro Mix 1)
Street Legal ( Mix 2)

Something Wicked This Way Comes



Sweet & Dirty
You're My Reason For Living
I Am Yours
Carnival Of Souls


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