February 22 : "One Of A Kind" bio hints at Peter Criss solo album...
From: Julian Gill / KISSfaq
Peter Criss announced in his February 2005 Q&A that he was working with Mark Montague and Mike "Angel" McLaughlin on his new CD, an autobiographical love-song/ ballad album being recorded at Nutmeg Studios with Tom Perkins and Charles Kipps. Other hints about Peter's album can be found in the "ONE OF A KIND" band bio. 
ONE OF A KIND is the band project comprised of former CRISS members Mike Mclaughlin and Mark Montague with drummer Ryan Brown. Their recently released CD includes additional CRISS-related appearances by Eddie Kanon (Peter's drum tech) and three Peter Criss co-written songs.

The band's bio states, "Peter is currently working on his next solo record and we co-wrote one song together and I play bass on several others." This would suggest that the Criss/Montague composition "Space Ace" (
ASCAP Title Code: 492945614) was at least written for the Peter Criss album (whether or not it will be released is another matter). This song is similar in title to one that Peter wrote prior to the "Psycho Circus" recording fiasco, called "Space Fever," which he thought would be a good song for Ace, at the time. Whether the two songs are related is currently unknown.

The band bio also states: "Mike [McLaughlin] has co-written several songs on ONE OF A KIND as well as co-writing many songs on the new Peter Criss record." Many of these songs were published in October 2005 by
Peter Criss Publishing and include "Whisper," "Bohemia," "Cat Nap," "Reason For Living," "Last Night," "Crossroads," "Fallin' All Over Again," "Faces In The Crowd," "Hope," and "What Does It Take" written by Peter and Mike. Aditionally, "Doesn't Get Better (Than This)" written by Charlie Kipps, Peter and Mike. It should be noted that "Hope" was also the title of a song written by Peter Criss for the KISS reunion album in 1998. Peter considered the song to be an excellent piece of work, naturally a ballad, about Peter facing the numerous challenges in his life in a positive manner. While the song wasn't used on "Psycho Circus," it's not clear whether this new song is the same as that presented to Bruce Fairbairn in 1998.

From the little hints currently available, it would seem that a new Peter Criss album is at least taking shape... 

Peter Criss related- ONE OF A KIND

February 13 : Paul Stanley's solo album will be called "Live to Win"
From: Al Mancini / ABC News / ABC Radio's ePrep
KISS frontman Paul Stanley has confirmed to ABC Radio's ePrep that his new solo album will be called "Live to Win". Stanley is still in the process of shopping the record to labels in various countries, explaining, "There's nothing worse, that I've seen in the past, [than] when you have a deal, let's say in America, and the company in Germany hates your album." To combat that, the singer is seeking out different labels internationally to assure they're all excited about the CD. He expects it to be in stores in about four months.

Stanley is planning a tour to support the CD, and says he'll be bringing out a bigger band than he's used at past solo gigs, "because there's a lot more going on on this album." He estimates he'll have about six people in his band. As for the musicians he used during the recording of "Live to Win" — a list which includes session drummer Victor Indrizzo, guitarist Corky James, former MARILYN MANSON and current ROB ZOMBIE guitarist John 5, former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick (who plays bass on a few songs) and noted string arranger David Campbell — Stanley says, "[It's] some friends of mine — it's not a 'who's who.' I didn't want to do one of those albums where you list people and it becomes some sort of a, trying to impress everybody with names. So it's a great album. Everybody loves it." Other songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Wake Up Screaming" and "Second to None"... 

Paul Stanley - Live To Win

February 12 : Peter Criss co-written songs appears on ONE OF A KIND
From: Kiss-Related-Recordings.nl
Recently Julian Gill (KISSfaq) found out that three "new" songs have recently been published with Peter Criss co-writes:
"The Shooter" - this song has been around for a while having been performed by Criss during 1995 and "U Gotta Know" cowritten with former Criss member Mark Montague..., "Golden Arm," cowritten with Barbara DeGennaro and Mark. These along with 11 other songs are noted as being performed by "One Of A Kind," who have several other Montague/McLaughlin/Ebs (Criss band) collaborations. It's not clear whether these were simply for publishing (BMI) purposes or for some other reason... 

After some research on the internet , KRR can make crystal clear that these three songs are recently released on One OF A Kind 's CD debut, which you can purchase now at

In 2004 the brainchild of Mark Montague known as ONE OF A KIND, hit the grunge/metal scene and is ready to make its album debut. Montague, who co-wrote and co-produced two records (CRISS EP and  CRISS Cat #1) in the mid 90's with rock and roll legend Peter Criss of Kiss, poured his soul into an album that is sure to be ONE OF A KIND.

"I toured extensively playing bass for Peter, we were constantly working. I picked up vast amounts of experience just hanging with him on the bus after shows! As a matter of fact three songs on this record were co-written with The Catman. Peter is currently working on his next solo record and we co-wrote one song together and I play bass on several others. When Peter reunited with Kiss in 1996 I continued to write and was in several different projects until 1998 when I auditioned for "Five For Fighting". I got the job as bass player and a few years later was awarded my first Gold Record."

Montague left Five For Fighting in 2001 to spend more time raising his son all the while he continued to write music. "The songwriting process worked for me instead of going to the shrink"! 

Mark met St. Louis born Mike Mclaughlin in 1994 when Mike got the job as lead guitar player for Peter Criss. After CRISS, Mike moved to Taipai, started a family, and became one of the hottest session guitarist / bassist playing with premier artists in the far east. Mike has co-written several songs on ONE OF A KIND as well as co-writing many songs on the new Peter Criss record. 

In 2000, Montague was introduced to drumming sensation out of Hollywood, Ca. Colorado born, Ryan Brown. With three premier musicians sharing the same vision and lyrics in hand, ONE OF A KIND got to work putting together an album like no other. 

"We did a three song session at Mike's house and that is when we originally recorded "Killing My Head. Ryan is a top drummer in Hollywood playing and recording with top bands and artists. It's taken some time but this collection of songs had to come out of the ethereal and into the physical vibration for some reason that's beyond me. Hopefully I didn't distort the message too much."

Peter Criss related- ONE OF A KIND

From: postpunkjunk.com >> through : Andrew Stern
Paul Stanley needs no introduction. Every song at a Kiss live show, however, seems to need one, a completely insane overly-rehearsed one at that, and some mad genius out there has finally made a CD-length compilation of some of the gems in the Paul Stanley Crowd Interaction canon. My good friend Dave Viola, who’s been obsessed with Stanley’s on-stage patter for countless years, tipped me off to this one — he’s the one who pointed out to me that Stanley, in-between songs on-stage, sounds less like the frontman for an internationally known rock megaband than a shrill Christopher Street queen stuck outside a club at three in the morning, frantically searching on the wet pavement for the last few poppers that accidentally flew out of his hand onto the ground. The ZIP file below of 70 tracks’ worth of Stanley shenanigans has already been posted elsewhere on the web, but it’s good to get this kind of stuff as much exposure as possible.

WARNING: This ZIP file is very large, so it could take a long while for you to download if you’re on a slower connection…

Paul Stanley - People, Let Me Get This Off My Chest (ZIP file, 86MB)
download ZIP 70 x MP3


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