March 21 : Castle Blak's Regent St. Claire interviewed by KRR ..
In conjunction of the upcoming CASTLE BLAK 3CD boxset "Glamour & Damnation: Greatest Hits & Dirty Little Secrets" (which contains 3 KISS cover versions), KRR did an interview with bandleader Regent St. Claire.
click here to read the interview

CASTLE BLAK - Regent St. Claire interview

March 18 : Christine Sixteen : A High-School Tribute To KISS update
From: Patrice Beaudette
Last year Canadian longtime KRR contributor Patrice Beaudette worked on an interesting KISS tribute together with students from Polyvalente La Frontalière Highschool, located in Coaticook (Québec, Canada).
The 15 songs on the disc are recorded by professional musicians while the singers are students from the school. 
Added as a bonustrack, the CD features an exclusive interview with Bruce Kulick done by Mitch Lafon of Brave Words, where Bruce talks about his days with KISS and some not so known facts.
The CD will go in production Monday March 20 and (pre-)orders should be able to send in about 2 weeks.

For info and pre-orders contact Patrice "Sandman" Beaudette at or go to

Christine Sixteen - album details

March 12 : Eric Carr newly discovered, unreleased Music 1984-1991
From: /
A new Eric Carr EP is planned which may feature some interesting new previously unreleased recordings: "This Exclusive EP will feature songs written and preformed by Eric Carr, & friends. Many are newly discovered. One song which, Eric wrote the lyrics for in 1991, has recently been completed and recorded, called "Elephant Man" The was the last song Eric wrote for Kiss, which he was go to present, to them, for consideration on the next album. Eric's lyrics were carefully combined with a heart warming heavy metal ballad melody, Music written by Nick Clemente & Bob GilMartin. Eric himself, would have loved the results if he were here today. There will also be a 1984 song written by Eric, which was presented to Kiss for Animalize, called Called "Midnight Stranger" Written, by Carr and entirely preformed by Carr.

Plus! one of Eric's favorite songs, which he co-wrote with Gene Simmons and Adam Mitchell called "DIAL L FOR LOVE" . Eric Carr would often refer to this song in interviews as one of his favorites. There will also be a never released "Tiara" demo. Want more? CD will also feature a complete song written and preformed by Eric Carr and Mitch Weissman, (Mitch wrote many KISS album songs. The song is called "The Troubles inside You" featuring Eric Carr on drums, guitars, & background vocals. Weissman on bass and lead vocals. There are many more surprises including Eric Carr singing an original 1967 song, acoustically (never released) and a 1973 TV interview, released in it's entirety."

KISSFAQ says: "Elephant Man" may prove interesting if it includes the original lyrics that seem almost autobiographical concerning Eric's illness: "Just like the elephant man / Nothing's changed inside / People don't seem the same / They smile with fear in their eyes // ... Banished from the kingdom / By the evil king / And his not so secret queen / He sees the truth in the mirror / And feels the strength in his heart / Friends are there to hold him up / But only he can stop his fall / Just like the elephant man." Hmmmm. "Dial L For Love" was never fully recorded during the "Crazy Nights" era. Eric has commented that the song was not good enough (at that point) to make it onto the album, and that it was a song which was being worked on. As the primary writer of the song, Eric had taken it to Gene and Adam for polishing, something which he had done several times. Apparently this release would be the rough demo of the song which does not include any completed vocals. Like other material released on "Rockology," which included modern over-dubs by Bruce Kulick, hopefully the demo of "Tiara" would be as originally recorded by Eric...

From: / Regent St. Claire (Castle Blak)
As mentioned on the KRR site, a few years ago, Fastlane Records, was going to release a 2-CD Castle Blak compilation . That never happened, but this collection of 45 songs and a radio interview, is set to be released through Regent St. Claire's own company, The Good Intentions Paving Co., on April 15th, 2006.
Castle Blak have released two albums, which both contained a KISS coverversion. Their cover of "Black Diamond" appeared on their 1985 debut release "Babes In Toyland" , while their next album "Another Dark Carnival" featured a cover of "Do You Love Me".
The boxset contains these two song as well as a previously unreleased cover of "Let Me Go, Rock and Roll."

The following press release will be going out on April 1st, but KRR received a little advance notice from original Castle Blak singer / guitarist Regent St. Claire

Re: Castle Blak "Glamour & Damnation: Greatest Hits & Dirty Little Secrets." 
On April 15, 2006, for the first time ever on CD, the music of N.W.O.B.H.M. glamster Regent St. Claire and his various incarnations of Castle Blak/Blak/Monster Island/and more, will finally be available to the public. The limited edition (1,000 only), 3-CD Box Set, one of the most comprehensive collections ever assembled, contains 45 tracks (many rare and/or previously unreleased), plus a 20 minute radio interview, 3 extensive 20-page colour booklets (60 pages in all) packed full of lyrics, artwork, tons of previously unpublished photos, linear notes about the songs, the guys, and even a brand NEW CB song recorded by the band in 2005! With artwork by Marc Sasso, Olaf Folta, Alex Pardee, Djezer, and CB frontman Regent St. Claire. All this for the bargain price of only $30.00 + S&H.

Please keep in mind that the set will not be available to buy at until AFTER the April 1st site update

March 12 : LORDI album featuring Bruce Kulick out now.
Finnish monster rockers Lordi have just released their new album "The Arockalypse".
The CD features guest appearances by Bruce Kulick (on the song "It Snows In Hell"), as well as TWISTED SISTER frontman Dee Snider and guitarist Jay Jay French,  ACCEPT (ex-) vocalist Udo Dirkschneider.
In Scandinavia the album is released February 22 by Sony / BMG Music Entertainment, while for the rest of Europe the album is out since March 3 on Drakkar Records.

LORDI - The Arockalypse

March 5 : "It's My Life" covered by German band The Bones
From: / Rainer Janssen
German label I-used-to-fuck-people-like-you-in-prison Records just released a picture 7" and CD single of the Wendy O' Williams/ Kiss Classic "It's My Life", which is recently covered by Swedish band The BONES. The single CD is a limited edition of 500 copies worldwide.
"It's My Life" originally has been demoed by KISS during the "Creatures Of The Night" sessions in 1982. This demo was later used for Wendy O' Williams recording of the song, which appeared on her album "
W.O.W". KISS later re-recorded the song during the "Psycho Circus" sessions, which version ended up on the KISS Boxset (2001).
The BONES version of "It's My Life" features Mia Coldheart from Swedish act Crucified Barbara on guest vocals, which version will also appear on a upcoming mini-album entitled "The BONES - Partners In Crime Vol 1., a 6 song cover version compilation, which is scheduled by
people-like-you for a April 3 release.

In related news, I-used-to-fuck-
people-like-you-in-prison Records will release an ADAM WEST compilation "Longshot Songs for Broke Players 2001-2004" this summer.
The 24-track CD and LP will include songs culled from singles (A & B 's), rarities, compilations, unreleased tunes, etc. . . . almost all on CD for the first time! 
Tracks include: "Thora's Hammer" / "Ferrytale" / "Gangland" / "Christmas with the Devil" / "Have Love Will Travel" (live) / "1970" (live) / "We've Got Cake" / "Paint It Brown" / "I Left as a Lamb (But I'll Return as a Lion)" / "We're Inside" / "Go on Girl" / "Sixth Son of a Seventh Son" / "You Can't Stop Rock-N-Roll" / "In the Back of My Hearse" (7" version) / "Find It!" / "Deuce" / "
I Stole Your love
" / "Live for the Day" / "Erotic Neurotic" / "Where Eagles Dare" / "Flower, Fist and Bestial Wail" (7" version) / "Beltway to My Heart (Beltway to the Starr)" / "Down in Flames" / "Special Secret Song Inside". 

KISS cover version discographies

last update : 2006-03-31

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