September 28  : Eric Singer sings on upcoming Avantasia album.
In an interview Tobias Sammet mentions that Eric Singer will sing lead vocals on one of the tracks recorded for Avantasia's "The Scarecrow" album. Prior to the album Two 6 track EP's entitled "Lost In Space - Part 1" and "Lost In Space - Part 2" will be released on November 16th.

September 26  : Bruce Kulick Studio blog update.
Finally got some more guitar work done for the BK3 disc. Started off with replacing some guitar for the song "I Will Survive". I kept wondering what was missing from the track once I studied the ruff mix and I really wanted to capture the tone from a Gibson 56 Goldtop with P90's, RI that I recorded the demo with.
Hooked it up with the Marshall head I love, and picked the Captain Coconut pedal that has a great Univibe tone in it. The pedal has three sections, Fuzz Face, and Octavia sounds but the only one I used was the Univibe. The guitar sounded perfect and that swirly tone of the pedal created was the perfect vibe for the song.

We actually started the day with Jeremy playing some bitchin keys with a great Hammond B3 sound for the same song. That is the glue for the verses. I was coaching him and he played some great Jon Lord parts (Deep Purple), even though when I said it sounds like Jon Lord he wasn't really sure who I meant. I had the pleasure to meet him (Jon Lord) in the UK in May at the Fantasy Camp, so his organ playing was fresh in my mind!

Checkout Bruce Kulick's BK3 full studioblog by clicking here.

B K 3

September 21  : Bruce Kulick Studio blog update.
So working on my BK3 disc once a week is fun, and then again a bit hard to know what needs to be done. Taking notes on all the songs regarding the progress and all is a MUST now. Listening carefully to the ruffs, and comparing the the Demos are important too, although you don't want to get crazy with having Demo-itis (feeling like the Demo is better than what you are doing new).
First up for the day was getting the solo section for the song called "Never Enough". I love this track, (the tune Doug Fieger from The Knack) and I had an idea that morning for the solos to be question and answer like. Different sounds and all communicating with each other. 

Next up was doing adding a harmony solo line for the song "What Love's All About", and this solo is sweet. Also worked at some parts for "I Will Survive". This song has so much importance to me, as it about my getting shot in 2003, and the music is very heartfelt. I love the demo so much, and I am being careful to improve without driving myself crazy. We added a heavy guitar that was missing in the bridge.

Last but not least was doing the solo for a song called "Love and Desire". I used to refer to it as the "Lennon" tune as it is very in his solo style. 

Checkout Bruce Kulick's BK3 full studioblog by clicking here.

B K 3

September 16  : Bruce Kulick plays guitars on Waiting 4 Wyatte song
From: KISS-Related-Recordings/ Bruce Kulick / Norman Huizenga
Bruce Kulick do some session work from time to time, and now a new young band called Waiting 4 Wyatt, that Jeremy Rubolino (Bruce Kulick's co-producer, and songwriter buddy) produced, is in a very good position to win a contest at hip LA radio station Star987. 
Check out the song, as Bruce Kulick plays some of the guitars on the track. 
The song (and new single) is called "Nowhere But Up".

Go to: and you can listen to the track and place your vote. 

website :

WAITING 4 WYATT at MySpace :

Waiting 4 Wyatt - STAR987 contest

September 14  : Frontiers Records signs Silent Rage
From: Frontier Records
Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the signing of Silent Rage for the release of the band's fourth studio album.
Silent Rage formed in 1985 and became immediately well-known in the Californian scene, thanks to the captivating vocals, their style of blending guitar and bass and signature song writing. Their debut album “Shattered Hearts” was produced by the legendary Paul Sabu in 1987 and gained immediate attention from the Hard Rock fans all over the world. One year later, Gene Simmons signed them to his own label and in 1989 “Don't Touch Me There” followed up. This album reached #1 on European Import charts and is still today regarded as one of the top examples of Melodic Hard Rock sound of the late 80's. 
The band finally came back with a third studio album “Still Alive” in 2002. In the summer 2007 the band featuring founding members by EJ Curse on bass, Jesse Damon on vocals and guitar, Mark Hawkins on guitar and with Rodney Pino on drums, went back to the studio to give birth to their long awaited new CD.
The guys are right now recording the new songs at Redrum Recording Studios in Los Angeles with former Guns n Roses & Rockstar Supernova guitarist, Gilby Clarke producing and mixing. Having mid-summer pre-production behind them, the band is well into tracking new songs for the latest CD and they're anticipating a completion date by the end of October. Look for some very interesting special guest appearances.
Jesse Damon states: "It's a great time for the band right now, we're all very excited about signing with Frontiers Records and being in the studio recording new songs with Gilby Clarke as our Producer! Everyone in the band is focused and giving 100 % to this new CD. Expect strong performances with a classic Silent Rage style rock!"
Lookout for Silent Rage new album in the shops in early 2008!

September 13  : 
KISS Guitarist Tommy Thayer Re-Launches EON Records Website

Check out Tommy Thayer and his brother John's updated website for their indie record label EON Records.
John Thayer just released his 2nd album "Ideology", which can be purchased now.

EON Records

September 13 : Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp - B.B.King's Review.
By: Marc Silvert  / From:
Think of Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp like a school of rock, only the camp counselors or teachers are famous rock stars and the students are adult musicians with the means to make their rock dreams come true. And come true they did. The excitement and fun onstage was contagious as the audience was swept away by the pure bombastic joy both the stars and their students shared onstage. The students were divided into ten bands, each one coached by their rock star teacher. Every student on stage was totally psyched to be up there performing with their legendary leaders. Each band did two covers and an original song that they wrote for the event. It was fascinating and interesting to see how each of the rock star counselors arranged and conducted their bands according to their vision of what rock should be. It gave you real insight into the inner workings of a successful act. And some of the performances were off the hook. 

For starters Paul Stanley was simply awesome. He was there to accompany each band on a song or two. No rock star posturing at all. There he suddenly appeared onstage, waved to the audience and launched into the first verse of “Honky Tonk Woman” followed by a long night of killer vocalizing. You could tell Paul was really giving it his all, singing leads, doing double leads and keeping his harmonies right on target. His voice was really in great shape for the whole affair. He came off humble and really acted like the perfect team player. But he didn’t have to grandstand or posture to dominate the stage because his presence and voice commanded attention as his star power is undeniable. Rocking arenas around the world for thirty years will do that to a guy. He wasn’t doing his Kiss moves except for a few trademark hand movements. He reminded me of those great vocal stylists like Sinatra who just got better and better with age. Knowing just how to work his voice and his killer rock phrasing he sounded better than ever and was in total control of his technique. He did some Kiss songs which shows how great and timeless those rock anthems really are. But what really blew me away was his cover of the Ides Of March song “vehicle”. It showed some of the roots of the bluesy soul aspects in his style. Pumped up by the amazing David Letterman horn section the song took off into the stratosphere. The horns were mesmerizing and lifted up every song they played on. Their talent and precision was unstoppable.

Simon Kirk, drummer from Bad Company probably led the tightest band. He made sure his drummers were rock solid so he also showcased his fabulous bass playing, great sense of humor and fab vocals. For me another highlight of the show was Deep Purples Glenn Hughes. His enthusiasm was infectious and his voice powerful stuff hitting inhumanly high notes and then ending with a scream. What vocal range as his nuclear blast of an earth shattering sound was a hard rockers dream scream. And boy he did that a lot along with some great bass playing. Marc Hudson who appeared from time to time with his multicolored beard and bizarre outfit appeared to be the eccentric popmeister that he is. He seemed to be channeling John Lennon and he did a pretty good job. Leslie West came out for a brief two songs doing a solo version of "Blowin in the Wind" with a vocal that could melt the paint off the walls. Then went into a version of "Mississippi Queen" that gave a new meaning to the word LOUD. Bruce Kulick was also fantastic, hot licks galore, versatile and could effortlessly fit in with any band. Spike Edny, Queens keyboardist had the demeanor of a sarcastic professor as he cued the band from behind the keyboard. Jane Wiedlin of the Go Go's still has the cute rocker market cornered. There was also a fourteen year old who thought he was a little Joe Perry stepping onstage every now and then playing the same blistering Slash, Page, and Joe Perry licks every time. Hey he's only fourteen, he will be a lot more versatile by the time he is sixteen.

Then came the super jam starting with Mark Farner and Stanley brilliantly harmonizing on the Grand Funk classic "My Captain". Farner was also in top form, electrifying as it was great to see him marching across the stage playing his classic hit. Glenn Hughes came back to play one of the heaviest smoke on the waters that have ever been done. Kulick played a blistering solo on that one. Corky Lang from Mountain also played some amazing drums and seemed to be having a ball dancing around the stage, and playing cowbell while boogieing between two sexy rock chicks. Gary Burr also did some great Beatle vocals and guitar work. Hudson once again in his notable Lennon style led the finale which was a rousing version of Instant Karma. and that's how I felt as I left the show. Although the Karma lasted long into the night. .

Checkout the better Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp video recordings at :
- Paul Stanley of Kiss plays "Strutter" with Clem Burke's (of Blondie fame) band.
- Paul Stanley - Love Gun A'capella.
- Paul Stanley - Honkey-tonk Woman.
- Paul Stanley - Vehicle.
- Paul Stanley - Alright Now.
- Paul Stanley - Sunshine of Your Love.
- Paul Stanley & Bruce Kulick - Rock'n'Roll All Nite.

September 12  : Bruce Kulick Studio blog update.
Had another week of travel with Grand Funk, but found time on my short stay home to do some guitar parts and do an overview of the BK3 disc. First up was my 12 String Martin D20 from 1970, which is VERY easy to play. Tuning, of course, is always hard on 12 string instruments, but we got a great sound from this Martin.
We needed a few parts on the song "I Will Survive". After we got that part done I added a high tuning part as well. Then we moved onto "Love And Desire" for some acoustic parts in the chorus. I used my Gibson Elvis Dove, which is very full sounding.
One more part needed to be done on a very UNION sounding song. No real title yet, but the working title is something with "Dream" in it! Jeremy played the part on the demo, so I handed him the guitar and I was glad to have my 1968 Gibson Southern Jumbo do the honors. He had some cool inversions that I preferred he played. After a few takes we had our acoustic done for that song.
"Dream" is a great track, lots of colors on this one. We had done the heavy guitars and solos on this one very early on, so it was great to hear it finally. The rest of the day we just did some roughs and got caught up with what I need to do next time I record.

Checkout Bruce Kulick's BK3 full studioblog by clicking here.

B K 3

September 9  : Italian JULIET KISS Tribute album little delayed
Italian tribute act  JULIET KISS debut CD "Verona Rock City", which was originally planned for a September 1 release, is a little delayed.  
During the summer their record company had some problems with their computers.
The disc is still planned for a September 2007 release.

To anybody who already pre-ordered the disc, please re-do it over again by contacting

The CD contains 16 Kiss songs performed and recorded in Juliet's Heavy style, and will be released at Azzurra Music, who also produced the Italians KISS Better tribute in 2003.

Tracklist :
01 Love Gun
02 Deuce
03 Sure Know Something
04 2000 Man
05 Calling Dr. Love
06 Got To Choose
07 Shock Me
08 God Of Thunder
09 She
10 Detroit Rock City
11 I Still Love You
12 Black Diamond
13 Beth
14 Strutter 2007
15 Psycho Circus
16 I Was Made For Loving (previously released for Italians Kiss Better CD, 2002)

View the album cover by clicking here.

JULIET KISS album details

September 4 : Paul Stanley and Bruce Kulick at Rock Fantasy Camp
Last night Paul Stanley appeared at BB King's in New York City for the Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp's closing concert. Paul performed with all 10 Camp Bands and their counselors including Spike Edney (QUEEN), Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), Alan White (YES), Simon Kirke (Bad Company), Jane Wiedlin ( The Go-Go's) and Corky Laing (Mountain). 
Paul Stanley was in particularly fine vocal form Monday, belting out "Shout It Out Loud", "Rock 'N' Roll All Nite", "Detroit Rock City", "Strutter", Led Zeppelin's "Rock n Roll", Bad Company's "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love", Rolling Stones' "Honky-tonk Woman", Ides Of March's "Vehicle", Cream's "Sunshine Of Your Love" and Free's "Alright Now". He also teased the crowd with a short a cappella version of "Love Gun". 
Former KISS guitarist BRUCE KULICK joined Paul on "Rock 'N' Roll All Nite", "Detroit Rock City" as well as the song "I'm Your Captain/ Closer To Home" which featured Paul singing with original Grand Funk Railroad singer Mark Farner. 

A fan has posted a video clip of Paul performing a smokin' version of "Vehicle" from the Fantasy Camp Concert at BB King's. Paul belts out the lyrics backed by the camp band Wide Stanze. 
CLICK HERE to view the clip.

"Just back from NYC and of course even ONE day of being involved with the Rock And Roll Fantasy Camp was amazing. Paul Stanley and I jammed "Detroit Rock City" and "Rock N Roll All Night" with camper bands, and then Paul sang along with Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad as I played bass on "I'm Your Captain/Closer To Home".
The counselor band that I sat in with had Mark Hudson (grammy songwriter producer), Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), Gary Burr (Ringo Starr), Spike Edney (Queen), Sandy Gennaro (Joan Jett and Blackjack!!), Andy White (Yes), Simon Kirke (Bad Company/Free), Jane Wiedlin (Go-Go's), Corky Laing (Mountain) and others jamming on various songs from Queen to John Lennon to Bad Company, Beatles to Stevie Wonder. Big highlight for me was meeting and hanging with Leslie West from Mountain. He was always one of my guitar hero's. Fantasy Camps RULE!" - BK

CLICK HERE to visit the Rock Fantasy Camp website.

Rock Fantasy Camp website

September 1 : New AVANTASIA (feat. Eric Singer) out November 16th
The new Avantasia 6 track albums "Lost In Space Part 1" and "Lost In Space - Part 2" have been postponed and will now be released on November 16th. 
"We have produced so much exclusive material for these two epics that we just needed the time. Except from the title track they contain completely different material, classy material, no bonus shit! In addition we decided to put some different video footage on each CD as well. We really had to postpone the release to warrant the Avantasia-quality. But it will be worth the wait: This is the resurrection a project like "Avantasia" deserves. Fans will get two major releases, each for the price of a single. Many thanks to my record company that supported the idea. I know it may be insane businesswise, but the fans will reward it."

The full story album "The Scarecrow" will be released at end of January next year via Nuclear Blast Records.

last update : 2007-09-30

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