NEWS UPDATE March 2010

March 2010 : MySpace Stream of the Month The ENVY 
From: Kiss Related Recordings
Sixteen months after announcing the reformation of Simmons Records in partnership with Universal Music Canada, Kiss bassist Gene Simmons has finally inked a deal, signing Toronto rock band The Envy......
The Envy, who formed in early 2009, are presently recording with JUNO award-winning producer Gavin Brown (Billy Talent, Metric, Three Days Grace) as well as the songwriter/ producer Desmond Child (KISS, Katy Perry, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Tokio Hotel) and songwriter Andreas Carlsson (Paul Stanley, The Click Five, Kate Perry, Europe, Britney Spears, Westlife) for their Simmons/UMC debut release. 

To find out what The Envy is all about check The ENVY MySpage page.
MySpace MP3 stream

Simmons Records

March 29 : Marina V. - My Star (feat. Bruce Kulick) out Today.
From: / Kiss Related Recordings
Today Russian-born Los Angeles-residing singer/pianist/songwriter Marina V will release her new album entitled "My Star" at an ALBUM RELEASE SHOW in Los Angeles. The song "Killing My Dream" features the world-renowned guitarist & KISS member Bruce Kulick!

To purchase the album, and to hear "Killing My Dream" in the top-right media player,  click here  

Marina V album details

March 29 : unreleased KISS track appears on DETECTIVE CD reissue.
From: Kiss Related Recordings / Rock Candy Records
Rock Candy Records just released a CD reissue of DETECTIVE's debut album with the same title. Led by British born front man Michael Des Barres, this originally 1977 release contains the song "Ain't None Of Your Business". This Hobbs/Anderson penned song was also rehearsed and demoed by KISS -with Peter Criss on vocals- during the recordings sessions for KISS 1976 album "Destroyer".

Rock Candy Records

March 28 : KISS (among others) To Receive Big-Band Treatement
Finnish heavy metal musician Jarkko Ahola (TERÄSBETONI, NORTHERN KINGS) will record a heavy-meets-jazz album with OULU ALL STAR BIG BAND, which organizes performances in cooperation with guest stars and conductors. 
According to Ahola, "The tracks will be the same we did in the gigs before, including jazzy and occasionally pompous big-band versions of 'The Show Must Go On', 'Heart Of Steel', 'Burn', 'Vaadimme Metallia' etc." 

The idea to make big-band versions of heavy metal and hard rock classics came from OULU ALL STAR BIG BAND and its artistic director, Tapio Maunuvaara. After inviting Ahola to take part in the project, they then selected a set of melodic songs and OULU ALL STAR BIG BAND hired various people to make the new arrangements of the songs for the big band.

The "Big Band Goes Heavy" repertoire has so far been performed live twice — on November 7, 2009 in Oulu, Finland; and on March 13, 2010 at the Oulu Music Festival.

March 28 : Pre-Order Tod Howarth's Opposite Gods, Out April 4
Ex-Frehley's Comet member Tod Howarth's new solo album, "Opposite Gods" will be available starting April 4. Howarth is taking pre-orders via his Web site. 
Howarth plays all instruments and handles all lead vocals on the album. 
To hear samples of the tracks, visit

Track listing: 
1. Drown 
2. Way Down South 
3. Opposite Gods 
4. The Artist 
5. Layne 
6. Alfi's Torment 
7. Tell Me 
8. Change 
9. On Your Own 
10. Veterans 
11. Dancing Through The Pain 
12. October Son 

To pre-order a copy of the album, and for more information, click here.

Tod Howarth order info

March 27 : The Rock Behind The Invasion / Bobby Rock interview
From: Tim McPhate /
In late 1984 while KISS were moving on with "Animalize," Vinnie Vincent moved on too, working around the clock writing and recording material and crystallizing the foundation for his new project. 

The "ultimate" cast was assembled. Vincent hooked up with the multitalented Dana Strum, who would not only play bass but also a key role as co-producer, arranger and engineer. Journey alumnus Robert Fleischman, who co-wrote "Wheel In The Sky" and possessed an unprecedented vocal range, was brought in as lead vocalist in early 1985. To complete his vision, Vincent knew he needed a killer player on drums. 
Enter the unknown Bobby Rock, who during his audition dazzled the trio with a combination of intricate rhythms, solid grooves and dazzling chops. 

KissFAQ sat down with drummer Bobby Rock to talk Vinnie Vincent and rekindle the members of the Invasion in an attempt to uncover one-fourth of the "whole truth." 

- Bobby Rock - The KissFAQ Interview Part 1.
- Bobby Rock - The KissFAQ Interview Part 2.

March 26 : Bruce Kulick guests on upcoming LORDI album 
From: (twitter)
Kulick confirmed via Twitter that he is tracking guitars for a new project for Swedish rockers LORDI: "Recording some guitar for a band from Finland called LORDI! What a great tune, if I do say so myself. Tomi and the boys will be proud."

LORDI studioblog for updates : click here

LORDI official website

March 25 : KISS and Related items for sale @
From: / Kiss Related Recordings
This weeks new added offers on include :

Love Gun / The She Kissed Me - Bellaphon label - 7" - Germany 1977
I Was Made For Lovin' You / Hard Times - Bellaphon label - 7" - Germany 1979
Sure Know Something / Dirty Livin' - Victor label - 7" - Japan 1979
Tomorrow 4 track 7" EP - Mexico 1980
Star Trax 4 track 7" EP - Australia 1981
set of four unique 7" vinyl interview picture discs (Gene and Paul interview Oct. 1983)
Con Todo El Poder De La Musica - rare Rock and Roll Over reissue - LP - Mexico 1984
Reason To Live - 4 track 12" EP - UK 1987
Crazy Nights / Monsters Of Rock 1988 - picture disc LP - Germany - 1988
Psycho Circus - picture disc LP - UK/Germany - 1998
Alive IV / KISS Symphony - 3LP with foldout sleeve - USA 2003
Down Under Again - Australia Unplugged - rare vinyl LP 1995
Reunion - The Outtakes - Australia Unplugged - rare vinyl LP 1995
Strutter (demo version) (KISS Army International promo #1/ Gene face) 3" CDs 1993
Egos At the Stake (London 1980) - rare CD 
KISS Exposed Laserdisc  - Europe 1987
KISS peel off after show pass Alive World Wide 1996 - 1998 
KISS laminated guest pass The Sound Of Shows January 13, 1978
KISS laminated guest pass Hotter Than Hell / after show party pass USA 1974
KISS comic : Psycho Circus # 2 march 1998 - Image Comics - printed in Canada 1998
KISS comic : Psycho Circus # 14 - Image Special - Translated Dutch vs of US#1,2,3.
HAIR OF THE DOG : Rise - 2000 - CD (feat. a cover version of KISS  " I " )

March 23 : Paul Stanley writes song for Swedish Idols 2009 winner
From: / / Kiss Related Recordings
22 year old Swedish Idols 2009 winner Erik Grönwall's new album is coming out in Sweden June 2 - after making many waves during his time performing on the show. Involved in the album songwriting is Paul Stanley (Kiss), Joey Tempest (Europe), Andreas Carlsson (Kiss, Bon Jovi, Pink, Backsteet Boys) and more. Titled "Somewhere Between A Rock And A Hard Place", the album will be proceeded by a new single "Crash And Burn" in April.

Erik Grönwall (born December 3, 1987) is a Swedish singer and songwriter. 
September 2009 he auditioned for "Idols" Sweden, where he performed a stunning acoustic version of SKID ROW's "18 and Life". ("18 and Life" at
During the quarter-final at the Malmö Arena, Sweden (November 2009) Erik Grönwall performed KISS "Shout It out Loud". In December 2009, he won Swedish Idols. 
During several of the shows he received standing ovations from the jury for his performances. His first single, "Higher", sold gold on digital downloads after only three days. His first self titled album, "Erik Grönwall", was released just ten days after the finals and debuted at number one on the Swedish charts and was certified platinum.
Studio versions of Erik Grönwall covers of "Shout it Out Loud" and "18 and Life" both appears on his debut album, which was releases by Sony BMG Sweden, December 2009.

See Erik Grönwall performing "Shout It Out Loud" (scroll to the 2:08 min.)

Erik Grönwall (official website)

March 16 : KISS and Related items for sale @
From: / Kiss Related Recordings
This weeks new added offers on include :

set of all 4 solo picture discs (rare / 2nd printing) - 4x picture disc LP - Japan 1979
Crazy Crazy Nights 4 track EP - picture disc 12" - UK 1987
Dressed To Kill (blue label / embossed logo's on cover) - LP - USA 1975
Alive!  (rare 1976 Vogue reissue - see inner fold out) - 2LP - France 1975
Sneak Attack (rare vinyl - LA Forum 1977) - 2LP - Denmark 1977
Rocket Ride / Tomorrow and Tonight  (Vogue label) - 7" - France 1977
I / The Oath (Phonogram label) - 7" - Holland 1981
Nowhere To Run / Shout It out Loud (Phonogram label) - 7" - Spain 1982
Heaven's On Fire / Lonely Is The Hunter (first version / rare sleeve) - 7" Holland 1984
Crazy Crazy Nights / No. No, No (Mercury label) - 7" - Holland 1987
Crazy Crazy Nights (mono) / Crazy Crazy Nights (stereo) - promo 7" - Mexico 1987
Live at the Marquee London (rare 3 track EP) -  7" - Europe 1988
Who Wants To Be Lonely (+2 / with obi) rare EP - 12"-  Japan 1985
KISS Tribute - Kiss covered in Scandinavia - CD - Sweden 1997
Kiss and Tell hologram CD - interview - CD - UK 1989
First Kiss Last Licks - unreleased Kissed (rare demo compilation) - CD 
KISS - Ilja Kucera ml. - hard cover book - Czech Republic 1995
KISS "tin soldiers" in luxe box - UK ca. 1992
CROWN OF THORNS - Crown Of Thorns (Produced by Paul Stanley) - CD 1994

March 11 : Back To The Asylum With Jean Beauvoir
From: Tim McPhate /
A scan through the songwriting credits on KISS studio albums over the years gives way to a colorful cast of names: Peppy Castro, Desmond Child, Stephen Coronel, Sean Delaney, Bob Halligan, Holly Knight, Adam Mitchell, Stan Penridge, Jim Vallance, Diane Warren, Mitch Weissman, and the like. Add Jean Beauvoir to that mix as well.

Beauvoir, a multitalented wunderkind musician, came into the KISS fold in 1983 as the band was transitioning into the non-makeup era. Having just come off "Lick It Up" and the departure of Vinnie Vincent -- a strong album featuring all songs written within the band, including a robust 8 co-writes from Vincent -- Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons would again look to outside writers to help spur the creative process and songs that would comprise "Animalize" and "Asylum."

A member of the controversial punk outfit the Plasmatics, Beauvoir grew up a KISS fan and in a twist of fate ended up befriending Stanley on the New York club scene. The friendship would ultimately turn into a collaborative relationship as Beauvoir ended up co-writing three songs with Stanley and contributing bass and background vocals to both of the aforementioned albums.

KissFAQ tracked down Beauvoir to talk about his recollections of working within the KISS camp, his time with the Plasmatics, his own career and current projects, and more.

From: Kiss Related Recordings
Just like last months KISSfaq interview with Eric Singer, If you're a regular visitor of Kiss Related Recordings, take some time out to read this interesting conversation.
Topics includes Jean Beauvoir's songwriting with Paul Stanley for KISS "Animalize" and "Asylum" albums, as well as Paul Stanley's songwriting contributions on Voodoo X and Crown Of Thorns .....   

- Jean Beauvoir - The KissFAQ Interview

Jean Beauvoir - KISSfaq interview

March 10 : SIMMONS Records / UNIVERSAL MUSIC team announces its first signing, THE ENVY
From: Robert Thompson (Billboard Biz) / Simmons Records
Sixteen months after announcing the reformation of Simmons Records in partnership with Universal Music Canada, Kiss bassist Gene Simmons has finally inked a deal, signing Toronto rock band The Envy. 
The signing is a joint venture with Montreal-based Remedy Music, a division of Crystal Math Management, the company that has the likes of Metric and The Midway State on its roster. 

“We have embarked upon fulfilling our mandate—to discover new and exciting Canadian talent and to take them around the world,” Simmons said in a statement. 

The Envy, who formed in early 2009, are presently recording with JUNO award-winning producer Gavin Brown (Billy Talent, Metric, Three Days Grace) as well as the songwriter/producer Desmond Child (KISS, Katy Perry, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Tokio Hotel) and songwriter Andreas Carlsson (Paul Stanley, The Click Five, Kate Perry, Europe, Britney Spears, Westlife) for their Simmons/UMC debut release. No release date was announced. Last year, the band toured across Canada with the likes of Marianas Trench, The Midway State and Stereos.

The ENVY My Space

March 9 : Stryper and The Summer Set To Cover KISS Classics
A pair of bands from different sides of the musical spectrum are set to cover KISS songs. 
Arizona-based alt rock band the Summer Set has covered "Rock And Roll All Nite" on the forthcoming "Punk Goes Classic Rock" compilation, scheduled to be released April 27 on Fearless Records.

In related news, veteran Christian rockers Stryper have commenced recording an album of cover songs, with frontman Michael Sweet confirming via Twitter that the band will record "Shout It Out Loud": "Okay-after sleepless nights and restless days, we finally decided that "Shout It Out Loud" would best suit our style... Yeah." No official release date for the project has been set. For more information, visit

March 9 : KISS Related Recordings updates
From: Kiss Related Recordings
Thanks to the visitors of this site, I'm able to add some "new found" Kiss Related Releases :
- HARLOW - Day By Day (Tommy Thayer) (previously unreleased) : this song appears on a Flexi 7" single entitled "Sexy Flexi Sex4", given free with Kerrang! Magazine No310, October 6, 1990. (thanx to Robert Novak)
- TOSHI - Mission (Tommy Thayer) : Second solo album by X (Japan) vocalist Toshimitsu Deyama (1994). X is best known for band leader YOSHIKI (drums, piano) who covered KISS "Black Diamond" for "KISS MY ASS - Classic KISS Regrooved".
On "Mission", the song "Rusty Eyes" is co written by Loudness singer Minoru Niihara with Marc Ferrari and Tommy Thayer.  (thanx to Robert Novak and Jiri Fialka)
- KISS CZECH COMPANY - Decade Of Kissin' : recently released disc by Czech KISS Tribute band (thanx to Jiri Geneziza)
- cover version from "Dressed To Kill" - LA GUNS : Rock 'n Roll All Nite (2010) (KRR)
- cover version from "Dynasty" - WILD : "I Was Made For Lovin' You", rare Dutch 7" single release which features the Dutch and English version of "IWMFLY" (1992) (thanx to Ypke)

March 6 : KISS and Related items for sale @
From: / Kiss Related Recordings
This weeks new added offers on include :

Hard Luck Woman / Mr Speed Bellaphon - 7" - Germany 1976
Calling Dr. Love / Take Me Vogue 7" France 1976
Gene Simmons : Radioactive / When You Wish ..... -red vinyl + mask - 7" - UK 1978
Sure Know Something / Dirty Livin' - w/o sleeve - ultra rare 7" - Peru 1979
Is That You / Two Sides Of the Coin - 7" - Holland 1980
Discoposter - Lick It Up - 4 track EP 7" - Mexico 1984
Thrills In the Night - 3 track promo 12" - Holland 1984
Tears Are Falling / Heaven's On Fire (live) - 3 track 12" - UK 1985
God Gave Rock n Roll To You II - Bill & Ted's ... - picture disc 12" - UK 1991
Love Gun - with inserts (Love Gun / orderform) - LP - Canada 1977
Gene Simmons solo album - with obi / inlay/ poster - LP - Japan 1978 
Dynasty  - white vinyl LP - Mercury label reissue 1998 PHJR-20012 - Japan 1979
Felicidades '81 - rare promo 2LP - Mexico 1981
The Wicked Lester Sessions Part 2 / The Lost Alive II album - rare 2CD - USA 
Kiss This - Rome 1980 - rare vinyl picture disc LP - Italy
Kiss Of Death (St. Paul 1987) - rare vinyl / clear vinyl - LP - Germany 1988
The Ritz - New York 1988 - rare vinyl / marble vinyl - 2LP - 1988
Ace Frehley : Into The Night - promo 7" - Spain 1987
Peter Criss : Let Me Rock You - LP - Holland 1982
KISS laminated VIP pass - Animalize World Tour 1984 - 1985 - USA 1984
KISS peel off working pass - Alive World Wide 1996 - 1997 - USA 1996

March 3 : New AVANTASIA song available now (feat. Eric Singer)
On April 3rd the two brand new Avantasia albums "The Wicked Symphony" and "Angel Of Babylon" will be released. The two albums be released separately, but also in a deluxe edition featuring both albums in two digibooks with two beautiful booklets plus an additional book with interview, history, biography, liner notes and the download code for exclusive bonus material. The albums feature guest stars like Klaus Meine (Scorpions), Eric Singer (KISS), Michael Kiske (ex-Helloween), Ripper Owens (ex-Judas Priest), Jon Oliva (Savatage), Bob Catley (Magnum), Jorn Lande (Masterplan), Russell Allen (Symphony X), Jens Johansson (ex-DIO, Stratovarius), Andre Matos (ex-Angra), Bruce Kulick (ex-KISS, ex-Meat Loaf) and many more.

Now is your chance to listen to the first track off the album, a short edit-version of the track "Dying For An Angel" featuring Klaus Meine of the Scorpions as guest vocalist, Tobias on vocals and bass, Sascha Paeth on guitars and Eric Singer (KISS) on drums.
AVANTASIA - Dying For An Angel (radio edit)

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AVANTASIA - Wicked Symphony

AVANTASIA (feat. Singer / Kulick)
Angel Of Babylon      April 3, 2010

AVANTASIA - Wicked Symphony

AVANTASIA (feat. Singer / Kulick)
The  Wicked Symphony April 2010

MARINA V. - My Star

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